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Just when I thought Taylor Swift couldn't do anymore to save 2020 after her surprise summer release of Folklore , less than 6 months later she released yet another incredible quarantine album! Evermore is the sister album to Folklore and was surprise released hours after it was announced on December 11. I have always loved Taylor's songwriting and how lyrically complex, deeply personal and profound so much of it is. Over the summer I wrote a full review and analysis of Folklore , which not only was my favorite article I have ever written, but also quickly became my most popular as well! I'm very excited to share my review and analysis of Folklore's sister album, Evermore , with you!  Evermore is made up of 15 songs, largely in collaboration with Aaron Dessner. All of the other artists she worked with on Folklore are also featured on the new album, with a few new additions. As a whole, Evermore is the perfect continuation of what was started on Folklore - there ar


Kylie Cosmetics' new mini six-pan palette duo is the perfect gift this holiday season! This is a part of Ulta's exclusive Kylie Cosmetics holiday collection, which also includes a variety of her best selling products in a mini size. This palette bundle retails for $38, but keep a look out for some sales in the coming weeks!  One duo is primarily warm toned, with a collection of sparkling golds and matte browns. The other is cool toned, with an assortment of purple and grey toned shadows. I tried my first Kylie Cosmetics palette earlier this year,  the Sorta Sweet Palette , and I have loved using it. I was so excited to add these two mini holiday palettes to my collection!  The matte formula is on-par with the other Kylie palette    I tired. Some of the mattes are more sheer than others and require a bit of building to reach it's full opacity. I actually love when matte shadows like this aren't too pigmented because it's so much easier to get a seamless finished lo