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The 5 Seconds of Summer Show // Live in New York City at Madison Square Garden!

I recently had the most amazing time seeing one of my favorite bands ever perform in New York City at Madison Square Garden ! This was my 5th time seeing 5 Seconds of Summer and they truly just keep getting better every time! They have been one of my favorite bands for nearly a decade and it is so crazy to think of how much time has passed since I started listening to them. The first show 5SOS show I went to was in 2015 at Hersheypark Stadium, nearly eight years ago to the day. I just turned 16 at the time and here I am now, just having turned 24 still being the biggest fan of their music. That connection and community is so special to be a part of for so long. Hearing them play so many of their older songs that they haven't performed in years transports me back to those days, music is so powerful in that way. Getting to hear so much of their newer music live for the first time and creating memories with those songs was so great too. Every 5SOS show I have ever been to always mak

The Best Songs of August 2023 // New Music Friday!

"Chinatown (Live at Radio City Music Hall)"// Bleachers & Bruce Springs t een Getting to see Bleachers live at Radio City Music Hall last year was one of the greatest concert experiences of my life and I can't believe that it is forever immortalized in this new live album! It is truly so emotional for me to listen to this album and get to relive this night over and over. Not only was it my very first full Bleachers concert, but I was also lucky enough to be in the front row with my dad for the show too! It was such an incredible experience; it's hard to even put into words how much this night and their music means to me. Every single song they played that night was absolutely incredible and the live arrangements were so different than the studio versions. There of course were countless incredible moments throughout the night, but a major highlight was when they brought out Bruce Springsteen to perform "Chinatown" live for the first time together! That


Sweetener marked a new era for Ariana Grande , one that is representative in every way of the light that came and brought back everything the darkness stole. It is a career defining album that comes after a period of deep, all-encompassing loves and heartbreaks.  That dichotomy was represented in every aspect of this album, including the artwork. It was her first album cover that was in full color, although the photo of her is intentionally upside down to represent her mental state during the album's creation. "There were a couple of months straight where I felt so upside down," she told Elle in a 2018 interview. That is a symbolic creative choice that followed through into her next album only a few months later, thank u, next .  Sweetener , in my opinion, is her best album sonically and visually. Her vision for this album was so clear, it is so bright, light, airy and overall pop perfection. Many of the singles were co-written and produced by ILYA, Savan Kotecha and Max