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Ever since KKW Beauty  launched a few years ago, I have heard incredible reviews of their lip liners and was so excited when I had the chance to try them for myself.  These retail for $12 each, which is the most affordable product from KKW and a relatively good price when it comes to a high end brand. They are sold on KKW's website and in-stores and online at Ulta. I bought these when they were 50% off at Ulta a few months ago, which is a great deal and makes it more comparable to drugstore prices.  There are over 40 shades available on the KKW website, ranging from Nudes, Reds, Pinks and Peaches. All of the shades aren't available at Ulta, but they do carry a nice range in store and online.  The names are based on a gradient system correlating with the tone of the shade ranging from 0 to 5, for example I have the shades Nude 2 and Red 4. I haven't really seen any other brands have a system like this when it comes to naming the shades, but it makes it so easy to find the pe

My Favorite Makeup Products Under $10

Every year I have made it a tradition to celebrate the anniversary of my very first blog post in 2017 to continue my series of the best affordable makeup on the market. For the past four years I have stuck to sharing my favorite products under $5 , but this year I decided to switch it up and share my favorites under $10! All five of these products are not just "good for the price" but are genuinely great products that outshine many high-end alternatives. I hope you enjoy reading this list of products!  NYX Mystic Petals Palette // $10 This NYX eyeshadow palette is a gorgeous selection of warm toned rosy shades and cool toned violet shades. I've been looking for a palette with unique tones of pinks and purples for so long, so I'm very happy it finally exists!  It is made up of ten different shades - 3 matte and 7 metallic. The mattes have the perfect amount of pigmentation so that you don't apply too much at once and can easily build up the color. The metallic sh


Tinted lip balms have been my go-to lip products to use throughout the spring and summer because of the simple, light and moisturizing feeling. They also have just enough pigment to give a pop of color to the lips, without the commitment of wearing a normal lipstick.  Seemingly every brand is releasing their own variation of a tinted lip balm and there are endless options if you're interested in a product like this. These are my three favorites that I use and alternate between all the time!  Rare Beauty With Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm The Rare Beauty Lip Balm is so versatile in the way that it can be built up to have the opacity of a full-coverage lipstick or sheered out for just a tint of color. Either way you like to wear it, this balm has an intensely moisturizing feeling to it, that lingers long after the pigment has faded. The texture feels similar to pure coconut oil, which funny enough isn't even an ingredient. It is made primarily with shea butter and a botanical blend of