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Colourpop's "In A Trance" palette is the pastel color scheme I have been looking so long for! This palette was a part of their tie dye collection from this summer that I've had my eye on ever since. Pastels have been a big makeup trend over the past couple of years, but I could never find the right collection of shades that suited my preferences. I also hear that it can be difficult to formulate pastel eyeshadow, so I wanted to make sure I purchased from a brand whose quality I already know and trust. Colourpop has the absolute best eyeshadow formula for such an incredible price that cannot be beat. Based on how much I've been loving this over the last few months, this palette is no exception!  The "In A Trance" palette retails for $12 exclusively on Colourpop's website. It's a smaller 9 pan palette, which a series that they have been releasing consistently over the past few years. This is actually my first time trying one of their smaller palet