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Although I've only tried a couple of makeup products from the brand in the past, I have always loved that Elf is cruelty free, vegan, consistent in quality and price point. Plus they make the best brushes , for under $5 each ! I was so excited to see that Elf was releasing 8 different Bite Sized Eyeshadow quads * for only $3 each. I'm not often drawn to buying new eyeshadow palettes anymore, since a lot of it feels so redundant these days.  In my opinion, buying s ingle shadows  and smaller palettes like this allows you to spice up your makeup without having repeats of the same shadows time and time again.  I chose the quad called " Hot Jalapeno *", which was exactly what I was in the market for. I never really used green shadows before and wanted something affordable, yet still high quality, to try out - which is exactly what this is! I have nothing like any of these shades in my makeup collection already, so I knew this would be such a standout product f