Kylie Cosmetics' new mini six-pan palette duo is the perfect gift this holiday season! This is a part of Ulta's exclusive Kylie Cosmetics holiday collection, which also includes a variety of her best selling products in a mini size. This palette bundle retails for $38, but keep a look out for some sales in the coming weeks! 

One duo is primarily warm toned, with a collection of sparkling golds and matte browns. The other is cool toned, with an assortment of purple and grey toned shadows. I tried my first Kylie Cosmetics palette earlier this year, the Sorta Sweet Palette, and I have loved using it. I was so excited to add these two mini holiday palettes to my collection! 

The matte formula is on-par with the other Kylie palette  I tired. Some of the mattes are more sheer than others and require a bit of building to reach it's full opacity. I actually love when matte shadows like this aren't too pigmented because it's so much easier to get a seamless finished look. 

The metallic shades are a completely different formula than the other palette I tried, but in the best way! They have actually become some of my new favorite shadows in my collection! They have the texture of a Colourpop Super Shock Shadow, but with extreme sparkle and shine. They work best applied with a finger to avoid excessive fallout and to get it to it's full shimmering potential. I was really blown away with the 4 metallic shades throughout these palettes when I first tried it!

As I do with all of my palette reviews, I'll break down both of these palettes shade by shade to get a better grasp on how these work overall. These palettes don't have individual names, but I'll just keep referring to them as "cool toned" and "warm toned". 

Cool Toned Palette

I never had a fully cool toned neutral palette before, but I realize now that have been really missing out! Warm toned shades are very commonly released, so that's pretty much where a lot of my eyeshadow palette collection consists of. I have very fair cool toned skin, so these shades are very flattering on me. Purple eyeshadow is one of my favorites to wear, so I also love that a few pops of that were included as well! 

Shining Star: A metallic duo chromatic lilac. This shadow is so reflective and sparkly when it hits the light. It has a buttery smooth texture with ultra shine. I love to use this on its own all over the lid, on the inner corner of my eye, or even as a highlighter for my face! The versatility of this eyeshadow is incredible! 

Angel Wings: A light rosy nude with a matte finish. This is one of the only shades between both of these palettes that just doesn't really show up when applied to the skin. I initially tried to use it in the crease, but it hardly showed up at all. This shade works best as a base to set eyeshadow primer instead. 

Gift Wrap: A mid-toned rosy brown with grey undertones and a matte finish. This is one of my favorite matte shadows from this holiday collection. Gift Wrap is so complimentary of my skin tone and goes perfectly with every other shadow in this palette. I love to wear it as a a wash of color across my eyelids topped off with one of the beautiful purple-toned shadows from this palette. 

Put A Bow On It: A light khaki grey with a matte finish. This shadow is the perfect transition shade for my fair skin. I love the grey tone of this shadow, since it is something I haven't used much before. Sometimes grey eyeshadow can wash me out, but this shade doesn't do that at all for me. If you're newer to using cool toned shadows, this formula is the perfect starting point because it makes shades like this more approachable. 

Very Merry: A beautiful metallic violet with silver, pink and lilac sparkle. This is by far my favorite shadow from these palettes, and one of the best in my collection! It has a little bit of a gritty texture from how much sparkle there is in it, but it applied just like a Colourpop Super Shock Shadow would. I love the way it reflects the light and has so many different shades of glitter throughout it. It is such a beautiful shade, photos can't even do it justice! 

Silent Night: A deep matte plum. This shade is perfect for deepening the outer corner of your eye for depth and definition. It's pigment is very buildable and somewhat sheer, which allows you to control how dark it goes. It's easy to get carried away with darker shadows if they're too pigmented, so I love the buildable formula Kylie Cosmetics has when it comes to matte shades like this.

Warm Toned Palette

Even though I've only had this palette for a few weeks, I can definitely see this warm toned palette being my new go-to for an everyday basis. All of the shades are so flattering and easy to use. It has everything I need in a palette to accomplish a simple makeup look, of course  with a little bit of extra sparkle! 

Gold Bells: An ultra metallic golden copper. This formula is so buttery and ultra metallic when applied to the lids. This shade is unique in the way that is the mid-point between gold and copper and looks very different than most comparable shades I have used in the past. The bright reflective pigment is so beautiful when applied! 

Sleigh All Day: A light peach with a matte finish. Since this shade is basically the same shade as my skin, I think it works best to set the eyeshadow primer to create a clean base for the other shadows. The matte feels very soft and is quite pigmented. 

Warm Me Up: A light warm brown with a matte finish. This is always one of my go-to eyeshadow shades whenever I do my makeup, so I love that this is included. It is one of the most pigmented matte shades in this collection, which is great since I always start off with a shade like this when I do my eyeshadow. It's a basic light brown shade, but it's one of my favorites! 

Wishlist: A matte terracotta. I love the tone of this shadow! I typically don't like the way orange eyeshadow looks on myself, but this terracotta shade is the perfect alternative that actually looks flattering. 

Hot Apple Cider: A beautiful glittery gold with a metallic finish. It actually looks exactly like the gold glitter on the cover of the palette, which is a cute way to tie in the theme! It has a grittier texture than the other metallic shades, but it still delivers the same ultra glittery and reflective shine like the shade Very Merry does in the cool toned palette. This is such a fun shade to wear during the holiday season, especially for New Year's Eve! 

Gingerbread Dreams: A rich chocolate brown with a matte finish. Much like the shade "Silent Night" from the cool toned palette, the semi-sheer pigmentation makes deeper shades like this so easy to apply. It can be built up to full opacity and blended out so easily. I love the depth and dimension this shadow gives for any makeup look. 

Overall, I love both of these palettes and am happy I purchased this holiday set. I think they are a bit overpriced, but if you have a gift card or can find them on sale, I would fully recommended! The mini size is great to (eventually) travel with, since it is so compact and perfectly curated. The mirror inside each also adds a nice touch, as well. As a whole, all 12 shades work nicely, are well-designed and functional. The shimmering metallic shadows are especially so perfect to wear for the holiday season, or anytime you want to add a bit of sparkle to your makeup look! While both of these palettes are designed to work on their own, they both compliment each other really nicely as well. I personally love Kylie Cosmetics' eye shadow formula and would recommend it to anyone interested. 

Thanks for reading! Be sure to subscribe and leave your thoughts in the comment section below! Happy Holidays! 

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