The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology by Taylor Swift // Double Album Review & Analysis

All's fair in love and poetry.... Taylor Swift 's  The Tortured Poets Department  is a 31 song masterpiece that is so incredibly complex in her depictions of love and loss in what is likely her most self-aware and transparent album yet. It is evident that this album was made with a different intention behind it than all of her past work.  The Tortured Poets Department  doesn't seem like she made it expecting it to have any massive hits or be commercially successful in the way the majority of her music has been up to this point. Most of these aren't instantly gratifying pop songs, but instead read like emotional excerpts from her diary detailing a whirlwind phase of her life. Much of this album is meant to sat with for a bit to fully understand what she is trying to convey.  Folklore   and  Evermore   remind me of  The Tortured Poets Department  in that way too, although these were made under different circumstances. The original track list of the album was supposed to b

boy by Luke Hemmings // EP Review

After stepping out in 2021 with his first solo venture outside of his band, 5 Seconds of Summer , Luke Hemmings is back again with a stunning new EP called  boy . Much of this seven song EP picks up where his debut album,  When Facing The Things We Turn Away From ,   left off with looking back on his youth trying to process all that he went through, while still looking onward into the man he is becoming. Every song was produced and co-written with  Sammy Witte , who Luke also worked with on his debut album. Sonically, they also build upon the foundation of that album throughout boy . Now that he's in his late 20's and entering a new stage of his life with his wife, Sierra Deaton , it seems that this is the perfect time to try to move through some of the heavy emotions and experiences he has gone through in the past decade. Sierra is also such a talented songwriter and vocalist who collaborated with him on a few of these songs too. I have loved hearing the music they've mad