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Kylie Cosmetics makes some of my all-time favorite lip products, so I was very excited to try out the new High Glosses. The High Glosses retail for $16 each and come in 14 shades on the website. I have 3 of the shades, "My Moon and Stars", "Lost Angel" and "Oh You Fancy?". (Left to right) "Oh You Fancy?" is described as a sheer silver with champagne pearl - "Lost Angel" is a baby pink with pink and gold shimmer - " My Moon and Stars" is a warm pink with multidimensional glitter. O n the Kylie Cosmetics website, it seems that each shade has a distinct color difference, but in person they look nearly identical on the lips. They are marketed as sheer glosses, but the photos on her website can be a little bit deceptive. I bought 3 shades thinking that they would look different on the lips, but the only major difference between them is the shade of glitter in them. There is no base pigment, so they are all essentia