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The Best Songs of January 2024 // New Music Friday!

"OMG" // Suki Waterhouse I have been so obsessed with Suki Waterhouse 's "OMG" this month! I haven't been able to get enough of it, it has the best vibe and is so catchy too. She is so effortlessly cool in the same way that artists like St. Vincent or Arctic Monkeys are to me, both of whom sound like evident inspirations behind this track. The bridge is especially such a shining moment of the song, "My baby, don't look for me when I get lost on all these streets, see myself, but it's not me, I'm with the crowd, I cannot breathe". Her vocal performance and delivery of these lyrics is so great, and "OMG" is absolutely one of the best songs I have heard from her yet! I can't wait to hear more from her hopefully soon!  "Tiny Moves" // Bleachers "Tiny Moves" captures the feelings of pure love and joy so perfectly. I have always loved the way Jack Antonoff has been able to capture small moments of life and

The 1975 Live From Real World Studios // 7" vinyl "All I Need To Hear" & "I Like America & America Likes Me"

In September 2022, in support of their fifth studio album Being Funny In A Foreign Language , The 1975 recorded a live version of one of their new tracks, "All I Need To Hear" at Real World Studios in Wiltshire, England. This is the version that was featured in the band's music video for the song, in the same room where the rest of the album was primarily recorded. I love that this version of the single finally had a physical release on a white 7" vinyl record.  This vinyl was a limited exclusive release on Dirty Hit's website in December 2023. I love the simple design of the vinyl with everything being all white, with an emphasis on the typography on the front and back cover, as well as on the center label. It was such an unexpected release that I have loved playing ever since I got this as a Christmas gift from my dad! In my record collection this was actually my first 7" vinyl I ever got from The 1975 too! I have all of their albums on vinyl, some of t

...Baby One More Time by Britney Spears // 25 Year Anniversary Album Review + vinyl picture disc & 1998 promo CD single

Oh baby, baby! It has officially been 25 years since one of the most iconic albums of all time was released and changed pop music forever. In 1999, Britney Spears released her groundbreaking debut album ...Baby One More Time *, which went on to become one of the highest selling and most influential albums of all time. And she did all of that at just 17 years old!  ...Baby One More Time  marked the birth of the princess of pop who went on to create one of the most flawless discographies in music history. This album is a representation of a young woman from a small town in Louisiana finding her voice in the ever-changing music landscape of the late 1990's. In the process of doing so, she went on to completely redefine the industry for the 21st Century.  After getting her start as a child star on  The All-New Mickey Mouse Club in 1993, Britney started to look into pursuing a music career in the late 90's. At the time, record labels were only looking to sign new groups, to compet

stars by the pocketful // playlist

stars by the pocketful   is a playlist curated around some of my favorite songs that include celestial lyrical or sonic themes. It is inspired by a lyric from the song "Snow On The Beach" by Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey . They are my two favorite artists ever, and I was beyond excited when I heard they were finally collaborating back in 2022. The song is so beautiful, with glittering production from Jack Antonoff , along with stunning lyrical imagery and vocal harmonies. A lot of the songs on this playlist are inspired by some of the best work the three of them have made over the years. Other songs that shaped this playlist are; "goodnight n go" by Ariana Grande , "Space Cowboy" by Kacey Musgraves , "Space Bootz" by Miley Cyrus , "mirrorball" and "Starlight" by Taylor Swift , "Moon Song" by Phoebe Bridgers and "Paris, Texas" by Lana Del Rey , among others. I love so much music that is inspired by