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"Party Favor / Hotline Bling" by Billie Eilish // exclusive pink 7" pink vinyl single from Interscope

This special "Party Favor / Hotline Bling" 7" vinyl single by Billie Eilish was originally released in April 2018 for Record Store Day , only being sold at independent record stores in the US. It was only limited to 2000 copies and has always been among the rarest records Billie has ever released. I missed out on the record the first time around all those years ago and have been waiting for the day they would repress this single so I could finally have it in my collection! In 2023, Interscope finally repressed a new variant of it for the first time and sold it exclusively on their website and Billie's webstore.  The new Interscope variant I have is slightly different than the first edition. Instead of the hot pink of the original, the second pressing is more of a pastel baby pink, which perfectly matches the cover art! The cover art with the illustration of Billie compliments the vibe of these two songs so well too.  Side A features the song "party favor"

is it that sweet? i guess so! // playlist

"is it that sweet? i guess so! " is a playlist curated around some of my favorite summertime anthems. The title and theme is based on a lyric from one of the best songs released this summer, "Espresso" by Sabrina Carpenter ! I haven't been able to get enough of that song and thought it would be fun to curate a special playlist around it. This playlist is made up of some of my favorite sugary sweet pop songs that I love to listen to on repeat all summer long. Sabrina Carpenter 's music is obviously a staple throughout this playlist - as her music has been truly dominating this year! Taylor Swift recently declared this to be the Summer of Sabrina, "...and may it continue forever!" she said. Sabrina's new album is set to be released this August, which I am really looking forward to and I will absolutely be writing a full review of as soon as I can! If it's anything like "Espresso" and "Please Please Please" then I know