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My Favorite Beauty Products of 2021

In 2021, I didn't wear makeup as often or bought as much as I have in the past - so many of my favorites in the past year were products that are staples in my collection that I have been using for years and have featured in many past posts. I have in-depth reviews of each of these products linked throughout this post if you are looking to learn more about any of them, as well!   For my favorite beauty products of 2021, I have chosen my top 10 broken down into 3 categories; eyes, lips and face.  E Y E S Colourpop Pressed Powder Eyeshadow  As always, my absolute favorite eyeshadow formula every year continues to be Colourpop's Pressed Powder Eyeshadows . They come in a huge range of shades, from neutral, colorful, bright, muted, monochromatic - you name it and Colourpop has a palette for it! Their formula is the best there is, it is amazing quality for both makeup professionals and beginners. Each palette has a great color payoff that can be applied to be very pigmented or sheere

My Favorite Albums of 2021

For my first post of the new year, I wanted to take a look back at all of the amazing music of 2021. So many of my favorite artists released music this year which I'm excited to share today! These albums are in no particular order, it would be way too difficult to rank them!  Chemtrails Over The Country Club // Lana Del Rey Chemtrails Over The Country Club was a highly anticipated album for me and it exceeded all of my expectations! Many of these songs were my most-played of 2021, with the title track at the very top! This album marked a new chapter for Lana and her career, it expresses a more personal and introspective side of her in a way she hasn't shown before. Her evolution as an artist and as a songwriter in the past year is so admirable. I love all of her albums so much and I have a strong connection with each for different reasons, but with Chemtrails Over The Country Club , Lana is truly at her best (yet). It is a beautiful celebration of the stage of life Lana is in