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Colo urpop has always been my go-to brand for nearly every aspect of my makeup routine for years because of how affordable, high quality and diverse their range is. A few years ago they launched their first round of complexion products, including the No Filter concealer. I have loved it and repurchased it for years. I recently saw that Ulta started carrying Colourpop's newest range of complexion products from the Pretty Fresh line - which is something I have been curious to try since it launched last year. Today I'm going to compare and contrast both of these concealers to help you better decide which product may work best for you if you were interested in trying it as well! To give a brief background of my skin type for reference - my skin is naturally very dry and I often have patches of eczema on my face, especially around the eye area. I use concealer all over my face to even out my skin, tone down any redness and cover blemishes. I typically prefer to use medium-c


I have loved  Kylie Cosmetics ever since I first tried the liquid lipsticks in 2016 and always rave about all of the brand's lip products being some of my absolute favorites. I never strayed too far from anything other than the lipsticks and glosses, other than the blush and Kylighter I bought last year and absolutely love. A few weeks ago, I saw that Ulta was having an amazing sale on all of the Kyshadow palettes for more than 50% off and I knew it was the time to try one! They originally retail for $42 and were on sale for $19. I was able to get more money off with my Ulta reward points, so it ended up being about $16.  There are 5 Kyshadow Palettes sold at Ulta (there are more available on the Kylie Cosmetics website, but aren't on sale). I was drawn to the Sorta Sweet Palette because of the gorgeous neutral tones with a hint of mauve throughout. This color story is exactly what I gravitate towards the most these days when it comes to my eye makeup, so this palet