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Eilish Eau de Parfum is Billie Eilish's debut fragrance launch that was released at the end of 2021. It also marks Billie's first venture into the beauty industry with a launch that represents her and her personal brand so perfectly. I have been using the fragrance all year and have been absolutely loving it!  "I wanted it to feel like a warm embrace. It’s a scent that I’ve been chasing for years and years and years. It’s my favorite smell in the world," she said when the product launched last year. A "warm embrace" is exactly what I would use to describe this scent as well, it is just so soft and warm, mixed with a little bit of sweetness that creates the most amazing aroma. The brand's website says "this is a scent for everyone" and it is marketed as a unisex fragrance, which is great because the notes will definitely appeal to a wide range of users.  I love the packaging, it is a beautiful gold model of half of Billie's head and bust w