Ever since KKW Beauty launched a few years ago, I have heard incredible reviews of their lip liners and was so excited when I had the chance to try them for myself. 

These retail for $12 each, which is the most affordable product from KKW and a relatively good price when it comes to a high end brand. They are sold on KKW's website and in-stores and online at Ulta. I bought these when they were 50% off at Ulta a few months ago, which is a great deal and makes it more comparable to drugstore prices. 

There are over 40 shades available on the KKW website, ranging from Nudes, Reds, Pinks and Peaches. All of the shades aren't available at Ulta, but they do carry a nice range in store and online. 

The names are based on a gradient system correlating with the tone of the shade ranging from 0 to 5, for example I have the shades Nude 2 and Red 4. I haven't really seen any other brands have a system like this when it comes to naming the shades, but it makes it so easy to find the perfect shade to suit your preferences and compliment your skin tone. 

I have tried quite a few products from KKW Beauty now and have been blown away time and time again by the quality of the products and the luxe formulas. The texture of these lip liners is so creamy and glides on the lips effortlessly. I obviously love to wear these paired with any lip gloss or lipstick, but since it is such a creamy formula, it can even be worn alone as well. Many lip liners tend to make my lips look dry if I wear them on their own with nothing over it, but I don't have that problem at all with this product. These are so versatile and long-wearing, which is what I always look for when it comes to my favorite lip products.

One of the shades I purchased is Red 4, which is a deep brick red. This shade is unlike any other red shade I have in my collection, it has such rich and deep pigment that can transform the look of a classic red lip. 

When paired with a classic red lipstick, it adds a bit of extra dimension to the lips and really elevates the look of it. My favorite way to wear it is paired with my favorite MAC lipstick in the shade "Syrup", which is a sheer mauve - I love the way those shades blend together and create such a unique combo. 

Nude 2 is a warm honey brown and has been my go-to everyday lip liner since I purchased it. This is one of the most popular shades the brand sells, and for good reason! This shade would compliment a wide range of skin tones and would work well underneath any lip product or on its own. If you're going for the classic Kim K nude lip look, this is the perfect product to start with! Nude 2 pairs so well with basically every nude or pink lipstick/gloss in my collection - having a versatile shade like this is an essential for my everyday makeup routine!

KKW is in the process of rebranding and reformulating their entire line, much like Kylie Cosmetics recently has. I'm hoping that both KKW and Kylie Cosmetics maintain or exceed their current level of quality because their current products are definitely worth all of the hype they get. These lip liners in particular are very beautiful and are one of the best products that I've tried from the brand. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next for KKW and will definitely be trying their new formulations when they're released! If you're interested in hearing the full backstory behind both Kylie Cosmetics and KKW needing to completely reformulate and rebrand their entire companies, let me know and I would be happy to research and write a separate post all about it!

Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! 

-Melissa ♡

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