I recently came across a collection of single eyeshadows from Sephora's in-house brand that has blown me away! Sephora Collection is a very underrated brand that makes really great products at an affordable price. I don't go to Sephora often because I overall prefer the experience shopping at Ulta, but whenever I stop into Sephora, I always check out this brand. Last time I went, I came across their section of single shadows that I've never noticed before. I instantly loved the color selection, pigmentation, and vibrancy of each shade. 

These shadows come in 87 different shades and 4 finishes - glitter, metallic, matte, and shimmer. Any eyeshadow shade you need, I guarantee this collection will have it! Each shadow retails for $8.

The shadows with a glitter finish stood out to me the most in the store. It's so hard to find ultra-glittery eyeshadows that are actually eye safe, since most on the market today are made with large particles of glitter that are actually very dangerous to use and can seriously damage your eyesight if any particles fall into your eye. Colourpop has been regularly including this type of shadow in their new palettes, but I really wish they wouldn't since they shouldn't be used in the immediate eye area.

These glittery shadows from Sephora are so pigmented and filled with micro-particles of glitter that are eye-safe. There is so much pigment and sparkle packed into just one swipe of this product when you apply to your lids! I never used another powder shadow like this! 

I usually prefer to use my finger to apply metallic/glitter shadows, but with this formula I actually prefer to use a densely-packed flat eye brush. I find that I have more control over the placement of the product than I would with just my finger. 

I have two shades; "Hollywood Calling" which is a gorgeous bronze with bright gold glitter and "Daydream" which is an ultra-glittery silver shade with a sheer metallic silver base (this works great alone or as a topper shade for other shadows!). Both of them are so beautiful and are products I've loved using over the past few months. 

There is a little bit of fallout with these shadows, which is expected since it is such a soft formula. However, since the formula is so soft, it is quite easy for it to break. Only a few hours after I purchased these shadows, I already noticed that one of them cracked while in the bag when I was walking around the mall - I was able to easily exchange it for a new one, but that was something that has never happened to me with any other eyeshadow. For that reason, I wouldn't recommend travelling anywhere with these because there is such a high chance of them breaking so easily. Even just at home, I would recommend being careful while using these. 

The biggest downside I have with this product is the packaging. The compact is different than any of my other single shadows, and can be so much more difficult to open. However, there is another opening at the bottom of the compact where you can remove the shadow to put in a magnetic palette -  which for some reason is actually easier to open and use. 

Aside from the flaw in the packaging design, I absolutely love these shadows and highly recommend checking them out if you're interested. I have recently gravitated more towards buying single shadows instead of full palettes, because it has come to a point where almost every new palette released starts to look the same and isn't anything groundbreaking (for me). Single shadows can add something exciting and different to my makeup collection that I don't already have in some of my favorite palettes.  

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