Colourpop has always been my go-to brand for nearly every aspect of my makeup routine for years because of how affordable, high quality and diverse their range is. A few years ago they launched their first round of complexion products, including the No Filter concealer. I have loved it and repurchased it for years. I recently saw that Ulta started carrying Colourpop's newest range of complexion products from the Pretty Fresh line - which is something I have been curious to try since it launched last year. Today I'm going to compare and contrast both of these concealers to help you better decide which product may work best for you if you were interested in trying it as well!

To give a brief background of my skin type for reference - my skin is naturally very dry and I often have patches of eczema on my face, especially around the eye area. I use concealer all over my face to even out my skin, tone down any redness and cover blemishes. I typically prefer to use medium-coverage products. I always use my fingers to blend in my concealer because I have found it is the easiest and gives the most natural finish. 

Both of these concealers come in a wide range of 30 shades -  ranging from fair, light, medium, medium dark, dark, and deep dark in cool, warm, and neutral undertones. The shades don't have corresponding names, but thankfully Colourpop's website has a very useful shade finder that helps you determine the best shade based on your undertone, detailed descriptions and photos of models wearing that shade. They also have an option to compare your existing shade of concealer (from any brand) to their shade range for the best match. This technology works really well and I have been able to find my perfect match for both of these concealers - actually, these are the only concealers I have ever used that perfectly match my skin tone! I have very fair skin with a neutral undertone and it is hard for me to find a shade light enough, that also doesn't look yellow on my skin. Having a wide range of shades and undertones in complexion products is unfortunately kind of a rare thing to find, especially when it comes to affordable brands, but I have always loved that Colourpop is truly inclusive of both ends of the spectrum in that regard. 

In the No Filter concealer I wear the shade Fair 06, which has a rosy cool undertone. In the Pretty Fresh concealer, I wear the shade Fair 20N, which is neutral toned. 

Colourpop's No Filter Matte Concealer retails for $7, exclusively on Colourpop's website and comes in 30 different shades, as I mentioned earlier. It is marketed as a "long wearing, full coverage natural matte concealer" The lightweight formula is meant to blend seamlessly into the skin, while covering dark circles, blemishes, redness and discoloration in just one swipe.

I typically stray away from products that claim to be full coverage and matte, especially because my skin is so dry, but this concealer is the only exception to that! It blends into the skin so well and looks so natural without accentuating any dryness or texture on my skin. I noticed that this tends to look better the longer I wear it, after an hour or so it looks perfect and fully meshed in with my skin. This concealer isn't overly matte either, which I love since I'm not a fan of that finish on my skin. 

Less is more when applying this concealer - I typically only apply a few dots under my eyes and around my face, which is usually more than enough coverage for my preferences. 

All of Colourpop's products are cruelty free, but this concealer is also a vegan formula, as well! 

This concealer is currently exclusive to Colourpop's website. Last year it was also sold in stores and online at Ulta, but it isn't anymore. I rarely make an order on Colourpop's website (because it just isn't as convenient as it is for me to order from Ulta), so that is a downside to this product when it's time to repurchase. It takes me about 6 months or more to completely use this product, so it isn't a big deal, but it was still something I wanted to point out! 

The Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Concealer retails for $9 and is sold on Colourpop's website and at Ulta (in stores & online). Like the No Filter Concealer, it also comes in 30 different shades with neutral, warm and cool undertones. It claims to be a "creamy, cushiony, full coverage concealer that seamlessly blends into the skin leaving a natural, fresh finish." It is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, which hydrates and supports the look of healthy looking skin and also coconut water, which supports hydration and softens skin. This concealer is oil free, dermatologist tested, ideal for all skin types and as always, cruelty free.

Even though the Pretty Fresh concealer is marketed to have a "natural" finish, it dries down to have more of a matte finish when applied to the skin and can actually look very drying. Since this concealer has moisturizing ingredients and is being marketed to have a "natural, fresh finish", I was hoping it would have more of a dewy finish once applied. 

The No Filter concealer, which is marketed to have a matte finish, looks so much more natural and doesn't accentuate the texture on my skin. I don't agree with the claim of this being ideal for all skin types because it just doesn't always work with the way my skin is that day. It is by no means the worst concealer I've used - in fact, the shade match alone puts it at a much higher ranking than most I've tried - but it just isn't overly impressive like the No Filter concealer is for me.

If I apply too much, it can look so cakey and accentuate all of the texture on my face, which of course isn't an ideal look. If I apply just a few dots around my face and blend it in right away, it looks a lot better. Any more than that though, it just sits on top of the skin and doesn't fully blend in or mesh with my skin. If I use a setting spray or some kind of facial mist, it takes away some of the dryness and lets it melt into the skin more. 

This concealer formula has some flaws, but the more I used it I got to see how it works best for my personal skin needs. If my skin is extra-moisturized and exfoliated that day, I can get it to actually look nice without accentuating my skin's texture too much. I really love the buildable medium coverage this has and always does a great job at evening out my skin tone and covering blemishes. 

Overall, the biggest issue I have with the Pretty Fresh concealer isn't the formula itself, but more so the way it is marketed. It isn't the natural-looking and hydrating product for all skin types that it claims to be. If it was marketed as being a fresh and natural looking product for normal to oily skin, I would've known going into it that it wasn't necessarily made for dry skin. This concealer actually gets mostly positive reviews, so it is likely just my skin type that is the issue. With all of that being said, I would love if Colourpop came out with another concealer that is geared towards dry skin types with ingredients that actually hydrate the skin. 

Both of the concealers have a similar double sided flat applicator, which distributes the product evenly onto the skin. When comparing the monetary value of the concealers are about the same value for the price-per-gram. The No Filter Concealer has 4.0 g (.14 oz) for $7 and the Pretty Fresh Concealer is $9 for 6.5 g (.30 oz). Pretty Fresh has more product in the tube for just a couple of dollars more, so if you use a lot of concealer, that may be a better option for you. 

Out of the two concealers I personally prefer the overall look and application of the No Filter Matte Concealer much more, but I still do like the Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Concealer for what it is and would recommend that product if it sounds like something that would appeal to you. Colourpop consistently makes high quality products at an affordable price, so even if you aren't interested in these concealers, I would still highly recommend checking the brand out! 

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