Flower Beauty recently released two new palettes, "Sugar Rush" and "Sun's Blazing", both of which have the perfect shades for spring and summer. I was instantly drawn to the "Sugar Rush" palette when I saw it at Ulta a few months ago. It's full of gorgeous pink and berry-toned shadows that are so unique to my eyeshadow collection. Flower Beauty is one of my favorite brands of all time and I've loved every product I've tried from them so far. This is the first time I tried an eyeshadow palette from them, so I was very excited to test out the formula.

This palette retails for $16.99 at Ulta in the U.S. and on Flower Beauty's website (the brand just launched in a few other countries, so check out their website and social media for more info!). The palette also includes a very high quality blending brush, valued at $6.

I'm going to go shade by shade and share my thoughts on the quality of each - since there's no names to refer to, I numbered each shade on the photos below and categorized them by finish so it's easier to follow along.

MATTE // Shades 1, 4, 6, 8, 10

All of the matte shades are consistent in formula and are true to color as to what they look like in the pan. It is a very buildable formula, which makes the pigment easier to control, especially in the darker shades. My favorite matte shadow in the palette is number 6, which is a vibrant magenta shade - it pairs well with so many of my favorite shadows from different palettes and is such a beautiful pop of color. 

The brush that's included with the palette works perfectly to blend these shadows, as well. If you're a beginner with pink and purple eyeshadows, this is perfect for you!

GLITTER TOPPERS // Shades 2, 7

These two work best as an eyeshadow topper to transform the color underneath - or they can also be worn alone for a light wash of glitter on the lid. Shade 2 is a light pink glitter with a bit of a peach duo chrome. There is no base pigment to this shade, it's only the glitter. Out of the two topper shades, this is much more flattering when used with other shades than on it's own.

Shade 7 is one of the shades that caught my eye when I saw it in the store for the first time and it ended up being one of my absolute favorites from this palette. It's a blue/brown duo chrome that has the consistency of a cream shadow. I love to wear it alone on the lid for a quick eyeshadow look or paired on top of some of the darker metallic shades in the palette. I also love the way it transforms blue shadows, too! Either way I use it, it looks so beautiful and so dimensional on the lid. Out of all the shades in this palette, this is definitely one of my most used!

Both of the glitter topper shades work best applied with a finger instead of a brush. I find that I'm able to control the product better and minimize the amount of fallout from the glitter.

METALLIC // Shades 3, 5, 9

Some of my favorite shades in this palette have a metallic finish. Shades 5 and 9 have the consistency of a cream shadow, with a very similar formula to the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows (which are my all time favorites). They are so vibrant when applied to the lid and last all day. Both of them look so beautiful paired with the glitter toppers mentioned earlier, as well. 

Shade 5 is a rose gold shade, which is very similar to my favorite Super Shock Shadow in the shade "Weenie". Shade 9 is a deep plum, which isn't a shade that I'm normally drawn to in eyeshadows, but I absolutely love this one. I love to top it with shade 2 to intensify the shimmer and tone down the darkness of it.

Shade 3 is a bit different than the other two metallic shades - while it is still vibrant and creamy, it doesn't give the same amount of high metallic shine the others do. It has more of a satin finish than a true metallic shine. I do still really like this shade, but I find it to be too similar to shade 6 with a matte finish. They are basically the exact same shade, just slightly different. I would love to have seen a different variation of a metallic purple that isn't already in the palette instead of this repeat shade.

Other than the two very similar shades, I have no complaints with this palette! I absolutely love it and completely recommend it to anyone interested. As I mentioned earlier, Flower Beauty is one of my all-time favorite brands and one that consistently releases high-quality products for a reasonable price.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below and subscribe so you never miss a post!

-Melissa ♡


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