My Favorite Makeup Products Under $5 // (PART 3)

In today's post I'm going to be sharing an extended list of my favorite makeup products under $5! 2 years ago today for my very first blog post, I published a list of 5 products that are under $5 and on-par with high-end alternatives. Last year I made a part 2 to this series and today I'm going to be continuing the tradition! I've been curating this list all year and have been looking forward to sharing these products with you! Enjoy!

Flower Beauty Petal Pout Lipstick // $5

When it comes to bullet lipsticks, Flower Beauty is the best of the best! The Petal Pout Lipsticks come in a beautiful range of shades that would flatter every skin tone. It feels so comfortable on the lips and is very long-wearing. I also love to use this lipstick as a crème blush - it's the perfect texture to be used on the cheeks and lasts just as well as it does on the lips. Both the formula and the packaging for all of Flower Beauty's products feels like a luxurious high-end brand! 

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Milani Eyeshadow Primer // $5

I always thought primers were gimmicky and didn't really work, but this Milani eye primer is definitely an exception! Last year I started having issues with all of my eyeshadows creasing and fading easily, so I decided to try out this product because I heard so many great reviews of it and it was also the most affordable. Ever since then it has completely transformed the way I do my makeup! After 12+ hours when all of my makeup is pretty much worn off, my eyeshadow is still as vibrant as it was when I first applied it! This is an incredible product that I can't recommend enough! 

Essence Metal Shock Shadow // $2.49

This is the perfect product if you want just a wash of a metallic sheen on your lids that will last all day. It takes literally seconds to apply and requires very minimal blending - I usually just tap my finger over the product and it's perfectly blended! I've tried several liquid shadows like this, but this is one of the best!

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Real Techniques Setting Brush // $3.99

This brush is so versatile for absolutely anything you would need! The brush hairs have the perfect texture to apply powder, crème, or liquid products - which I have found to be difficult to find when it comes to face brushes. It's also the perfect size to be used for not only setting powder, but also highlighter, blush, bronzer/contour, etc. I personally love to use it to apply highlighter! I've had this brush for about 4 years and it's still in the same condition as it was the day I bought it. All of the Real Technique brushes I've tried are so high quality and last for years and years. 

Wet n Wild Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter // $5 

This liquid highlighter is so versatile and works so well in many different ways. It can be worn on it's own for a very subtle rosy glow - it can be mixed into other liquid highlighters to transform it into a completely new shade- or it can be used as a base to layer other highlighters on top of to amplify the pigment. This liquid highlighter has a very thin oily consistency but it doesn't interfere with the makeup applied underneath. 

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Rosy and Ready

Thanks for reading! Comment below what your favorite affordable makeup products are and what you thought of some of mine! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post! 


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