The 2010s are coming to a close and I wanted to take the time to reflect on some of my personal favorite albums of the past 10 years and share why I love them and how they have impacted my life! I've loved so much music over the past decade so it was really difficult to narrow it down to just ten of my favorites, but I made sure this list is only the best of the best!

Melodrama // Lorde // 2017

Lorde's music has impacted my life in a way that no one's music ever has before. I've listened to Melodrama countless times on repeat since it came out and I still feel all of the same strong emotions towards it like the time I first heard it. Every song on Melodrama encapsulates a different moment in time and cohesively tells such a beautiful and sincere story that any young adult can relate to. As a songwriter, her talents are truly unparalleled, there's no one else like her. Everything she releases feels very genuine and complete, and not rushed in any way, which is difficult for many artists to accomplish in the age of streaming and immediacy. This is a trait that will make something like Melodrama, or her debut Pure Heroine, a timeless record to be appreciated for generations to come. I saw her live on the Melodrama Tour last year and it was one of the greatest and most moving live experiences I've ever had. I'm so happy I was able to hear this album be performed in its entirety that night, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience. 

my favorite songs:
Green Light
The Louvre
Writer in the Dark
Perfect Places

1989 // Taylor Swift // 2014

With 1989, Taylor made a seamless transition from country music to pop music and made an album that really cemented herself as one of the most influential musicians of this generation. This is the most lyrically self-aware and experimental sonically she's been with her music yet and really set the standard of what pop music can be and should be. Other than the music itself, I really loved everything about the 1989 era of her career - from the music videos, live performances, fashion, and just the overall aesthetic and concept of the album was executed so well. All around this really is the perfect pop album!

my favorite songs:
Blank Space
All You Had To Do Was Stay
I Know Places
You Are In Love

Born to Die // Lana Del Rey // 2012

People may not have realized it back in 2012, but Born to Die (and the rest of Lana's discography) has had an astronomical impact on the music industry over the past decade. For so many reasons, this album was so ahead of it's time and paved the way for many of the new musicians who debut this decade. Without her influence, the music industry would be so different today. Born to Die proved that a female musician can make emo alternative pop music and have it be really successful, without necessarily trying to be. Before her, the most popular music of the early 2000s was pretty much only dance songs made to be radio hits with no real substance - but Lana really changed that by doing basically the complete opposite. Without her, I don't think many newer artists with a similar style (who I also love) would be having the same massive success in mainstream pop culture as they are now. I've continuously seen other artists heavily draw inspiration from her music, but especially this album in particular. I've loved all of Lana's music over the past decade, but Born to Die has always been my favorite. 

my favorite songs:
Born to Die
Off to the Races
Blue Jeans
Diet Mountain Dew
National Anthem

Sweetener // Ariana Grande // 2018

Sweetener is often overlooked when it comes to Ariana's discography because it was so quickly followed up by thank u, next less than 6 months later. This album documents Ariana going through several life-changing experiences in a short period of time and overcoming all of the hardships that come along with that, and turning it into something so beautiful. I love all of Ariana's albums, but Sweetener feels the most complete as a full body of work. Ariana worked primarily with Pharrell on this album for the first time, which really sets this apart from any of her other releases. There is a more fun and experimental sound to this music that I think worked really well for her, and is something I hope she goes back to again in the future. 

my favorite songs:
blazed (feat. Pharrell)
God is a woman
no tears left to cry
get well soon

i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it // The 1975 // 2016

On the surface, ILIWYS is a fun 80's influenced pop album, but their smart and clever lyricism will leave the listener to ponder the deeper meaning behind each song. They make music which such depth that I think will impact and relate to each person differently. The 1975's music and their overall visual aesthetics as a band were so revolutionary over the past decade and is something that has had a major influence on the alternative/indie pop genre since their debut. They have always used their platform to speak out and voice their anger, confusion, and discontent with society and political injustice around the world, which is something not many mainstream musicians would have the courage to do in such an outspoken way. This particular album leans a bit more introspective on a personal level than politically, but it still shares many of the same underlying themes as their newer music.

Seeing them live for the first time on tour for this album and having such an incredible experience really solidifies this as my favorite album by them, but I absolutely love all of their music they've released so far! The 1975 is a group that continues to make music with an important purpose and message behind it that has greatly impacted my life. 

my favorite songs:
Love Me
A Change of Heart
If I Believe You
Somebody Else
The Sound

Harry Styles // Harry Styles // 2017

Something that has always stood out to me about Harry as an artist is that he's never afraid to go against what many expect of him and just be unapologetically himself. Coming out of a boyband as huge as One Direction was/is, many may have expected him to be a certain way and make a certain kind of music to keep the boyband momentum going. I always love how he went against that and made something completely different and authentic to himself to reflect his own personal style. His self titled debut solo album is full of classic rock influences, but feels very fresh and modern. This album is really the perfect introduction into Harry as a solo artist and the incredible singer, songwriter, and performer he is. With his newest album, Fine Line, I can already tell how much he has evolved as a musician in just the past two years, so I can only imagine what the future will hold for him! 

I saw him live on tour for this album in New York last year, and it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. He has an incredible stage presence and hearing him live is always a great experience. I'm seeing him in July next year too, which I'm so excited for!

my favorite songs:
Meet Me In The Hallway
Sign of the Times
Only Angel
Ever Since New York

Golden Hour // Kacey Musgraves // 2018

So many artists are starting to blur the lines of traditional music genres and Kacey is one of the artists doing it the best. She's making music in such a different and non-traditional way that pushes the boundaries of the country music genre. Kacey is an artist that I have started listening to only about a year and a half ago, but her music has made such an impact on me during that time. I saw her live when she opened for Harry Styles in 2018 and at that time, I wasn't really familiar with her since I've never been a fan of country music. She was really incredible live, which made me interested in listening to her music more and I'm so glad I did. Golden Hour is such a beautiful, positive and serene album that always puts me in a better mood when I listen to it! 

my favorite songs:
Slow Burn
Love is a Wild Thing
High Horse
Golden Hour

WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? // Billie Eilish // 2019

I've loved Billie's music ever since her first EP came out two years ago and I'm so happy she has been getting the recognition she deserves this year. In my opinion, Billie is the perfect representation of where I see the future of music going in the next decade. Her music is so different than what so many others have been doing in the alternative pop genre, the style and production of every song she has is so complex and revolutionary in so many ways. Her brother Finneas, who produces and co-writes every song with her, truly elevates her music to a new level, they really make a great duo! I'm sure her style (music-wise and fashion-wise) is going to be heavily replicated in the coming years by others, but there will never be anyone who can do it as well as Billie (and Finneas) can. She has never tried to be anyone other than herself, which makes her journey of monumental success at such a young age so much more inspiring. In the past year alone, she has made such a huge impact on the music industry, I can't even imagine what the next decade (& beyond) will bring!

my favorite songs:
bad guy
my strange addiction
i love you 

AM // Arctic Monkeys // 2013

With AM, Arctic Monkeys reinvented themselves as a band, as well as showcasing what the defining sound of modern rock music is. This is the album that first introduced me to the band, as well as my personal favorite. The guitar-driven melodies, vocals, and lyrics, are all just so effortlessly cool and make this album an instant classic. 

my favorite songs:
Do I Wanna Know?
R U Mine?
Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
Snap Out Of It
I Wanna Be Yours

Teenage Dream // Katy Perry // 2010

Teenage Dream came out when I was in 6th grade and was one of my go-to albums for a long time. Now in the age of streaming and constant new music releases, I forgot how much I loved this album! Teenage Dream is such an inconic album filled with so many classic pop hits you can never get tired of, it's no wonder it was as successful as it is! Similar to what I said earlier about 1989 and Taylor Swift, I absolutely love the Teenage Dream era of Katy's career, everything about it was so fun, outrageous and campy - no one was doing it like her in the early 2010s. I could imagine how hard it would be to follow up an album like this, but the majority of the music she released after this (with a few exceptions), just hasn't had that same impact. I hope that she comes back in the next few years with great new music, because she obviously has the potential to have a huge comeback. 

my favorite songs:
Teenage Dream
Last Friday Night (TGIF)
California Gurls
The One That Got Away

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This will be my last post of 2019, so I want to wish you all a very happy new year and decade!


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