I've been wanting to try out Fenty Beauty since the brand launched in 2017, so I'm very excited to finally be sharing my first review of the brand's amazing products!

The Diamond Bomb Baby Mini Duo includes two of the brand's best selling products; the Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil Highlighter and the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Gloss in the shade Fu$$y. The set retails for $25 exclusively at Sephora and Fenty's website. This mini set is limited edition, but both of the products are available to purchase individually in full sizes.

Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil // How Many Carats?!

I was so tempted to buy this product last year when the full sized version launched. However, the full size retails for $39, which is way too expensive for just one highlighter in my opinion. I was so excited and eager to finally try it when I heard this was going to be in a mini set! I heard so many rave reviews of this diamond highlighter and it definitely didn't disappoint. 

The concept of the All Over Diamond Veil was inspired by one of Rihanna's most iconic fashion moments ever at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards where she was literally covered in Swarovski Crystals. A lot of Fenty's products are inspired by Rihanna's personal fashion and makeup style from various red carpets, music videos, and performances - which really shows that she isn't just another celebrity that put her name on a lack-luster beauty brand. I love that this particular product was inspired by one of the most iconic and memorable red carpet fashion moments of recent years.

“You can never have enough diamonds! This is the closest thing to bathing in it. The sparkle in this is just insane!” 
- Rihanna

Many times glittery makeup products, whether it's a lip gloss, eyeshadow, highlight, etc., can have a gritty texture that feels uncomfortable and doesn't actually stick to your skin. However, this product is the complete opposite. It feels very smooth, not gritty at all and has very minimal fallout (if any at all) once applied. It has a unique texture that feels kind of like the Colourpop Super Shock products, but more firm and not as quite as malleable. 

Of course I love to use this as a highlighter to add a dash of sparkle to my cheekbones, but also it looks so beautiful all over the eyelid on its own or as an eyeshadow topper. Since it has a translucent base and is pretty much just sparkle, it pairs nicely with any eyeshadow look. I haven't experienced any glitter fallout when I have it on my eyelids either. It can be so difficult to find sparkly products that are actually eye-safe, so this product is a great mid point for those looking for glittery eyelids without the dangers of using sharp plastic glitter particles in the eye area.

My preferred method of application is just using my finger and applying it directly to my cheekbones or eyelids. I have tried using my favorite highlighter brush that usually works well with cream products, but it just didn't give the same impact as it does with my finger. I also found that it's easier to directly control where the product goes, so you don't end up with glitter all over your face. 

To make it even better, this highlighter would work on any skin tone! The translucent base and platinum glitter would look so beautiful on anyone! 

The mini size of this highlighter has 0.10 oz of product, compared to the full size which has 0.28 oz of product. Since you only need to apply a small amount of this highlight for ultimate impact, it would likely take a while to completely use up - so I would recommend buying the mini size since it still has a substantial amount of product in the compact but for a lower price. 

Highlighter is one of my favorite parts of my makeup routine and I have absolutely loved using this every day over the past month. 

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer // FU$$Y

The original Fenty Gloss Bomb that was released with the initial launch of the brand in 2017 was one of the defining products of the sheer lip gloss trend coming back. There are now several different shades available in the Gloss Bomb formula, but FU$$Y is one of the most popular shades in Fenty's lineup. 

The shade FU$$Y is a beautiful shimmering soft pink gloss that adds a slight rosy tint and extra shine. I never tried any other shades of the Gloss Bomb, but I think generally they are all very sheer and look somewhat similar once applied. The formula is somewhat reminiscent of the Kylie Cosmetics High Glosses, which are actually one of my favorites. They are both sheer, extra glossy, and universally flattering. They also have a similar sweet vanilla scent and large applicator, as well. 

The formula feels so moisturizing like a lip balm, even hours after it's worn off!

Also, even though this is technically a "mini" size, it's actually has more product than a standard lip gloss from every other brand. For reference, the mini Gloss Bomb has 0.18 oz of product, while the standard size for any other lip gloss from the most popular brands on the market is typically around 0.08-0.11 oz. The full-sized Gloss Bombs come in 6 shades and retails for $19 each. These have 0.30 oz of product, which is about 3x more than comparable products. So even if you buy a full-size gloss, it's still an incredible value. 

I really love how inclusive Fenty Beauty is overall as a brand, they never alienate the customer with the products they release and always find a way for everyone to have the chance to enjoy the products, which is really what makeup is all about. Both of the products in this limited edition Diamond Bomb Mini Duo set are very high quality, a great value, and would be flattering on any skin tone. All around, Fenty is a very admirable brand that I'm excited to try more from in the future. It has truly revolutionized the makeup industry since it's launch and I can't wait to see what they'll release next! 

Thanks for reading! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post & leave your thoughts in the comment section below! If you tried any products from Fenty Beauty, let me know what you thought of them! ♡

-Melissa ♡

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