Although I've only tried a couple of makeup products from the brand in the past, I have always loved that Elf is cruelty free, vegan, consistent in quality and price point. Plus they make the best brushes, for under $5 each! I was so excited to see that Elf was releasing 8 different Bite Sized Eyeshadow quads* for only $3 each. I'm not often drawn to buying new eyeshadow palettes anymore, since a lot of it feels so redundant these days. In my opinion, buying single shadows and smaller palettes like this allows you to spice up your makeup without having repeats of the same shadows time and time again. 

I chose the quad called "Hot Jalapeno*", which was exactly what I was in the market for. I never really used green shadows before and wanted something affordable, yet still high quality, to try out - which is exactly what this is! I have nothing like any of these shades in my makeup collection already, so I knew this would be such a standout product for me. 

The packaging is just a very simple white and clear plastic, which is expected for a product this inexpensive. It is very slim and compact, so it is easy to store and travel with too.

All four of the shades are so beautiful and complimentary of each other, while also being a great companion palette to what I already have. Even though there's only a few shades in this palette, there is so many ways to get use out of these. 

The first shade is a bright ultra-metallic yellow gold, which is the most creamy and pigmented shade in the quad. The texture reminds me of some of my favorite metallic shades from Colourpop, which is my normal go-to for eyeshadows. I like to apply this with my finger for the most color payoff, which is always my preferred way to apply metallic eyeshadow. I especially love to pair this golden shade with the "Yes, Please!" palette from Colourpop, since all of the warm tones go so well together. 

The second shade is what initially drew me into purchasing this palette. I've been looking for a particular shade like this for so long and I'm so happy I found the perfect one! It's such a beautiful light metallic green, which is unlike anything else I've seen before in a palette. It isn't quite as pigmented or metallic as the previous golden shade, but with a few layers it builds up really nicely. I also love to top this with my favorite liquid eyeshadow from Wet n Wild in the shade Goldie Lux, (which is also about $3 and a perfect dupe for the iconic Stila liquid shadows!). Like I said earlier, I usually prefer to apply metallic shadows with my finger, but this shade is densely pressed and works much better when applied with a brush (my favorites are also from Elf!). I especially love to apply this shade all over the lid with a light matte brown shadow in the crease - it's still neutral but it adds a fun pop of color! This is the perfect shade for the spring and summer too! 

The third shade is a matte forest green, which is also a beautiful shade, but took a few uses to figure out how it looks best on me. I initially applied it all over the crease like I would with any matte shade, but it was very patchy and difficult to blend out. I eventually was able to work with it and make it look decent, but it was just too dark for my preference and still looked patchy even after I built up the pigment. The next time I used it, I applied it to just the outer corner of my eye and the lower lash line and it looked so much better. Applying it in smaller sections eliminated the chance of patchiness and gives the perfect amount of depth and shading to that part of the eye. I know colorful shades like this can be difficult to formulate, especially greens, so I wasn't expecting this to be the best in the palette in terms of quality. However, with some extra work it actually is one of my favorites to use! 

The fourth shade is a matte blackened green, which is another shadow I surprisingly really like! I don't usually use dark shades like this, but I've loved using this as a powder eyeliner recently. It adds such a pretty touch to the eyeshadow look and doesn't look as harsh on the lid as a black liner would. It also isn't patchy like the other matte green shadow was either. 

Overall, I absolutely love this mini palette! All of the shadows bring something unique to my makeup collection with a range of versatile shades to use for any season / occasion! I do wish that the formula was more consistent from shadow to shadow, but with a little bit of extra blending and layering you can create a really beautiful look. With the 8 bite size palettes* they just released, there's something to suit everyone's makeup preferences with the curation of shades in each. I would definitely be interested in trying another in the future! I hope Elf continues to expand this line in the future. For just $3, this product really can't be beat!

If you're interested in purchasing any of the Elf Bite Size Eyeshadow Palettes*, I would really appreciate if you would do so through my affiliate link, which I may earn a commission from. 

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