I have loved  Kylie Cosmetics ever since I first tried the liquid lipsticks in 2016 and always rave about all of the brand's lip products being some of my absolute favorites. I never strayed too far from anything other than the lipsticks and glosses, other than the blush and Kylighter I bought last year and absolutely love. A few weeks ago, I saw that Ulta was having an amazing sale on all of the Kyshadow palettes for more than 50% off and I knew it was the time to try one! They originally retail for $42 and were on sale for $19. I was able to get more money off with my Ulta reward points, so it ended up being about $16. 

There are 5 Kyshadow Palettes sold at Ulta (there are more available on the Kylie Cosmetics website, but aren't on sale). I was drawn to the Sorta Sweet Palette because of the gorgeous neutral tones with a hint of mauve throughout. This color story is exactly what I gravitate towards the most these days when it comes to my eye makeup, so this palette has made the perfect addition to my eyeshadow palette collection.  Many of the nude shades I have in other palettes lean more on the warmer side, so I love that many of these shades in the Sorta Sweet palette are true neutral tones.

I love the sleek compact packaging, which makes it easy to use and store. The glossy black design of Kylie's eyes with the iconic Kylie Cosmetics drips in a silver metallic finish is so pretty and fits in so well with the overall aesthetic of the brand. It also comes with a big mirror on the inside, which is something I find particularly useful when doing my makeup. I actually don't have any eyeshadow palettes with a mirror inside, so that's a plus for me! 

The Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow formula as a whole tends to receive mixed reviews, so I didn't know going into this what to expect. 

There are nine shades in this palette - three metallic and six matte. I normally gravitate toward the metallic shades in a palette, but in my opinion, the mattes are really what shines in the Sorta Sweet Palette. The matte formula is softly pressed, which means that it will have a bit of fallout when the brush touches the pan, but it makes it very easy to build up and blend when applied to skin. This matte formula is fool-proof and would especially be useful to beginners in makeup. I love the buildable formula when it comes to the darker matte shades, because it lets you apply a little at a time, without being too heavy handed and avoiding any patchiness or unblended areas. The skin around my eyes is very dry, so sometimes layering up matte shadows can accentuate dry patches and make it look even more dry - but I haven't experienced that when using this palette though! The shades build up so well and blend seamlessly into the skin. I haven't experienced any creasing or fading throughout the day with these shadows, either! 

The three metallic shades are so beautiful and add a soft shimmer to the eyelids when applied. Like the mattes, these also have somewhat of a sheer to buildable coverage. I typically like to apply metallic eyeshadow with my finger, but with this formula I actually prefer a densely packed eyeshadow brush. It gives a subtle sheen to the lids, which is a look that I personally really like. To make the shimmers look more glam, I love to tap a bit of my favorite liquid eyeshadow from Wet n Wild on top! Even though there isn't many metallic shades in this palette, the three that are included are so beautiful and compliment the mattes so well.

Based on the way I use it most, the Sorta Sweet palette works best for creating simple and natural eyeshadow looks, which are perfect to wear on an everyday basis - but it also has the versatility to create a more glamourous eyeshadow look too! This selection of shades also pairs really well with all of the other palettes and single eyeshadows in my collection, so there are many different ways I can use this. Every time I use this palette, it reminds me of the signature style of eyeshadow Kylie herself wears (which obviously makes sense because it's her brand) - it just gives a very classic and natural look. 

To give a full overview of the palette, I will be reviewing each of the nine shades individually.

Buttermilk is a matte yellow-toned cream shade. I use this as a base layer every time I do my makeup to set down the eyeshadow primer (my favorite is from Milani). It creates a perfect matte base that helps increase the longevity of the shadows. I use shadows like this so much and I'm happy Buttermilk is included in the palette!

Glazed is a metallic pale champagne gold. Out of the three metallic shades in this palette, this looks a bit more satin and isn't ultra shimmey, which could be a pro or a con depending on your eyeshadow preferences. This shade all over the lid gives an easy natural look that would be perfect to wear on an everyday basis to school, work, etc. Depending on your skin tone, this would also be a really pretty highlighter too! 

Rosé is a soft brown with a slight pink undertone. This is easily my favorite and most used shade in the palette! Even though it may look like a boring shade, I am so drawn to light browns like this and always incorporate it into every eyeshadow look that I do as a transition shade. The slight pink undertone compliments my skin tone really well and pairs with so many different eyeshadows in my collection. It reminds me a lot of the shade "Grumpy" from the original Colourpop x Disney Designer collection palette, which is another favorite of mine. 

Berry Bite is a matte dusty mauve. I love mauve-toned makeup and this eyeshadow really stands out in my collection. I kind of reminds me of my favorite Kylie Lip Kit in the shade Candy K in eyeshadow form, actually! It has a cool toned grey hue to it, which I really love since I don't have many cool toned matte shadows in my collection. 

Sweet is a true metallic yellow gold. You really can't go wrong with a shade like this! Gold eyeshadow is always my go-to for any occasion and I love this one in particular. It's a bit deeper than Glazed and has much more of a shimmery finish than it too. Out of the three metallic shades in this palette, this has the most pigment to it.

Cookie Dough is a light beige with a matte finish. I have very fair skin and this shade barely shows up on me. It kind of works as a transition shade, but it takes a few layers to even see it. Even though I have used this shade quite a bit since I had this palette, it just isn't a neccessary addition. I would've ideally preferred another metallic shade in place of this one. 

Raspberry Sugar is a gorgeous rosy bronze with a metallic finish. Out of the three metallic shades in this palette, this is definitely my favorite! It has a slight golden duochrome shift when it catches the light and looks so pretty on it's own all over the lid with no other eyeshadows. This is a shade that I know I'll be using a lot this summer! 

Cocoa is a matte true brown. I love the formulation of this particular shade and Spice Plum (which I'm going to mention next). Sometimes deeper tones can be difficult to apply and blend if they are too pigmented, so I love that this is easy to build up to get the perfect amount of depth to the eyeshadow look. I also use this shadow to fill in my brows too!

Spice Plum is a matte deep brown with the slightest tint of a plum undertone. This isn't a shade I would use often, but like I said before, the formulation of the darker shades makes it so easy to apply and blend without being too heavy handed. This shade also works really well as a powder eyeliner too!

The Sorta Sweet palette will work best for fair to light-medium skin tones. I have very fair skin, so all of these shades work well for me, but I realize that this palette won't for everybody. For medium to dark skin tones looking to try a palette from Kylie Cosmetics, I would recommend checking out The Burgundy Palette or The Purple Palette. If you're in the market for a neutral palette, but the Sorta Sweet palette is too light, I would also recommend The Bronze Palette for deeper tones. I haven't tried any of those palettes for myself, but I did see them in person at Ulta and also assume they have the same formula as this one. Kylie Cosmetics has a decent shade range when it comes to their complexion products, like concealers, powders, and bronzers - but I hope the brand continues to expand other areas of their product lineup to suit a wider range of people, especially when it comes to eyeshadows. 

At the time of posting this review, all of the Kylie Cosmetics nine-pan palettes are still on sale for just $19 at Ulta, which is a really great deal for these palettes (especially if you factor in the extra coupons Ulta always has!).  Even though I do really love this palette, I wouldn't recommend purchasing it for full price at $42 - which is nothing against this palette in particular, I generally don't agree with any palette being worth that amount - regardless of the brand. There are so many great affordable eyeshadow palettes on the market from brands like Colourpop, NYX, Elf, Flower Beauty and Wet n Wild that are very high quality and on-par with high end shadows. If you are able to get this palette from Kylie Cosmetics on sale, then that is definitely the way to go! Ulta and the Kylie Cosmetics website is constantly running sitewide sales on the brand, so I would recommend waiting for some kind of discount before purchasing. 

Overall, I absolutely love this palette and I know I will get so much use out of it for years to come. Even though these shades are nothing revolutionary in the grand scheme of makeup industry, it is something that stands out and adds a lot of value to my personal makeup collection. I didn't have a staple nude eyeshadow palette in my collection, so I'm happy I purchased this one! Shades like these will never go out of style and will always be on trend. I highly recommend this palette to anyone interested in it!

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-Melissa ♡

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