Ariana Grande's latest fragrance is such a dream! R.E.M is inspired by one of my favorite songs from her of the same title - it perfectly encapsulates all of the magic of that song in a bottle. All of Ariana's past fragrance releases are my all time favorites, so I was so excited when she announced she was coming out with another!

R.E.M. is an Ulta exclusive in the US, but is coming soon to Boots UK and other worldwide retailers. In the US, it retails for $44 (1 oz), $54 (1.7 oz) and $64 (3.4 oz). There is also a travel size available for $22 (.03 oz). If you are planning on buying this, the best value would be the 3.4 oz bottle, but that's up to you to decide how much you're going to use it. If you're buying from Ulta, there is always ways to get discounts on your purchases, especially with the weekly coupons, member rewards, and gift cards. I bought the 3.4 oz bottle and it ended up being a really great deal if you take advantage of the discounts available. 

The packaging of Ariana's fragrances are always so perfect, as well. The fragrance itself if in a standard circular bottle, but it is held in a beautiful lilac crystallized stand. The bottle underneath is removable from the crystal stand for easier access. It is a similar concept to the packaging of her previous two releases of Thank U, Next and Cloud. Pictures don't even do this packaging justice, in person it looks so beautiful and luxurious amongst my other favorite perfumes!

The design on the box is also one of my favorites - it is a reimagined concept of her character from the "Break Free" music video years ago, but in animated comic book form. I love that the intergalactic pop star character she played in that video was revived over six years later! 

Fragrance Notes:
Top: quince, fig, salted caramel, marshmallow
Middle: pear blossom, lavender blossom
Base: tonka bean, white musk, sandalwood

The notes of lavender are the most prominent when you first smell this, with an undertone of the fruity and marshmallow notes that come through in a lighter way. Even though it isn't technically marketed this way, I believe this could pass as a unisex fragrance because of the blend of sweetness and muskiness. 

If you're familiar with Ariana's other fragrances, the scent overall is the perfect blend of Moonlight & Cloud, which happen to be my top two favorites. It embodies the warm sandalwood notes of Moonlight with the lavender and marshmallow of Cloud, with a blend of the sweeter notes from both. It overall has a very elegant and sophisticated feel to it. 

I did notice that the scent fades faster than most of her other fragrances do, which is really the only downside I have for this product. However, I found that it lasts much longer if you spray directly onto your clothes instead of your skin. 

Overall, I absolutely love this fragrance and highly recommend it to anyone interested. Especially if you're a fan of any of Ariana's previous releases, I definitely think you will like R.E.M as well because it very complimentary of the others.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below and come back soon for more!

-Melissa ♡

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