My Favorite Beauty Products of 2021

In 2021, I didn't wear makeup as often or bought as much as I have in the past - so many of my favorites in the past year were products that are staples in my collection that I have been using for years and have featured in many past posts. I have in-depth reviews of each of these products linked throughout this post if you are looking to learn more about any of them, as well!  

For my favorite beauty products of 2021, I have chosen my top 10 broken down into 3 categories; eyes, lips and face. 


Colourpop Pressed Powder Eyeshadow 

As always, my absolute favorite eyeshadow formula every year continues to be Colourpop's Pressed Powder Eyeshadows. They come in a huge range of shades, from neutral, colorful, bright, muted, monochromatic - you name it and Colourpop has a palette for it! Their formula is the best there is, it is amazing quality for both makeup professionals and beginners. Each palette has a great color payoff that can be applied to be very pigmented or sheered out for a natural look. Not to mention, all Colourpop products are very reasonably priced as well! I have several of their palettes and I haven't been disappointed! 

Colourpop Super Shock Shadows

One of the best makeup products I have ever used is the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows, there is truly nothing else like these on the market! Just one swipe of product with your finger will give you a fully opaque and truly stunning eyeshadow look. I have collected so many different shades of these through the years and they are all staples in my makeup routine! Some of my favorite shades are, "Ritz", "Sailor" and "Ripple".

Covergirl Lash Blast Clean Mascara

I do believe that mascara is subjective to your own personal preferences and is hard to recommend to a wide audience because what works for me, may not work for you. However, this is truly the best mascara I have ever used so I need to share it! It gives the perfect amount of length and volume to the lashes without being too wet or clumpy. I have worn it for sometimes 15+ hours, even outside in the hot and humid summer, and there has never been any smudging or flaking from it. I have tried a few other Covergirl mascaras that have been on the market for a very long time, but this is the best I have used! 


MAC Cosmetics Lipstick

MAC lipsticks have been a classic makeup product for decades and for good reason! My favorite is the shade "Syrup" which is a beautiful sheer glossy mauve. This shade will look so flattering on every skin tone! It is one of my most used and all-time favorite products in my entire collection!

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Every year I can't help but include Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipsticks on this list! I haven't tried any of their new formulations yet, so I don't know how it is different from the originals, but I still love these! I always gravitate toward using these liquid lipsticks when I am looking for a lip product that I can apply once and not have to fuss with it the rest of the day. I love so many of the shades I have, but some of my most used are "Candy K" and "Twenty". These lipsticks stay on for hours without smudging or fading, which is also a bonus when it comes to wearing masks and not wanting it to transfer. 

Clinique Almost Lipstick

This Clinique product has a very sheer finish that doesn't add much pigment to the lips at all. According to Clinique's website, the transparent pigment merges with the natural tone of your lips to create a finish unique to you. I have the shade "Black Honey" which may look very dark and intense color in the tube, but it actually applies as a very light berry. This lipstick went viral earlier this year on Tik Tok and for good reason! It has a semi-glossy satin finish that feels so moisturizing on the lips and fades evenly throughout the day of wearing it.


Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb Highlighter 

The Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb Highlighter is so stunning and perfect if you are looking for extreme shine and sparkle but done in a tasteful way. It has a clear base with small flecks of silver glitter, which is universally flattering on all skin tones and is the perfect topper for any product. I use this all the time, on my cheekbones, on my eyes, everywhere! It is so beautiful and there truly is nothing else quite like it! I definitely recommend buying the mini size because a little bit goes a very long way when applying it!

Kylie Cosmetics Pressed Powder Blush

As you can probably tell by the pan being half gone, this Kylie Cosmetics Pressed Powder Blush in the shade "Baddie On The Block" is my absolute favorite blush ever! It gives the perfect flush to the cheeks without being overly pigmented and difficult to blend. Ever since I bought this about 2 years ago, I haven't used another powder blush since! As I mentioned with the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks earlier, this is also the old formula so I'm hoping that the new version is just as amazing as this one is! I will definitely be trying it out and comparing it to the original in a future post. 

Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminizer 

For a quick subtle natural glow, Rare Beauty's liquid highlighter in the shade "Enchant" is one of the best I've tried. The large applicator distributes the perfect amount of product on the cheekbones to easily blend in with your fingers. This is pretty much the exact opposite of the Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb I mentioned earlier, but just as stunning! 

Flower Beauty Highlighting Palette 

Powder highlighters can sometimes be difficult to make look natural without looking overly chalky or powdery, but this palette from Flower Beauty is the closest powder formulation I have found to looking like a cream. It melts into the skin without leaving a powdery effect or dark cast on my face and gives the perfect glow to your cheekbones. I love to mix and match the shades together for a custom glow that works for my skin tone! Flower Beauty has made so many of my favorite products over the years, but this is one of the best! 

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! I have a lot of new beauty content coming soon, so be sure to come back to check it out!

-Melissa ♡

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