MY FAVORITE LIPSTICKS // #NationalLipstickDay 2020

In honor of National Lipstick Day, I'm going to be sharing a list of all of my favorite lipsticks! Out of everything in my makeup collection, lipsticks have always been my favorite thing to collect through the years! Ever since I started my blog in 2017, each year I post an updated list of my favorites, but I usually focused more on my favorite lipstick lines and formulas - to switch it up this year I'm going to dive into the specific shades that I love the most. Some of the products are limited edition and may no longer be sold, but I will be sharing the closest dupe the brand still has available.

If you want to read about more of my favorites through the years, I'd love for you check out the rest of my National Lipstick Day series!

"Candy K" // Kylie Cosmetics

Out of any lipstick in my collection, "Candy K" is easily my favorite. This was the first product I ever tried from Kylie Cosmetics in 2016 and it has since grown to be one of my favorite brands, especially when it comes to their lip products! "Candy K" was one of the original 3 shades that launched the brand and even now years later, it continues to be a stand-out product from the brand's extensive range. "Candy K" is a warm pink with a brown undertone. It dries down matte and lasts all day without needing any touch ups. I have already repurchased this shade several times and I know that this will always be a favorite of mine!

"Twenty" // Kylie Cosmetics

"Twenty" is a mid-tone rose brown. I love to wear dark lipstick, but it can sometimes be difficult to find a flattering tone, especially when it comes to browns - but this is the perfect match for me. The rosiness of this shade is very complimentary of my pale skin tone, but I think this will be a flattering shade for any skin tone. Sometimes darker liquid lipsticks can apply streaky or uneven, but that isn't the case with any of the darker Kylie shades I've tried - just one swipe gives full opacity! There are so many shades I love from Kylie Cosmetics' liquid lipstick line, but "Twenty" & "Candy K" are my absolute favorites! 

"Madeline" // Kylie Cosmetics

"Madeline" is the perfect strawberry lipstick for the summertime! I don't typically go for pink lipstick, but this shade has the slightest tint of red that is just so flattering. I was blown away by the creaminess of the finish and the longevity of the wear-time, which is rare to find with a creamy lipstick formula like this. "Madeline" has been one of my favorite makeup purchases in the past year!

"Berry-More" // Flower Beauty

"Berry-More" is a true berry shade with a slight purple undertone. Flower Beauty is such an underrated brand that I truly can't recommend enough - every product I have tried from them is incredible and this lipstick is no exception! The formula feels like a comfortable satin on the lips, but wears like a matte. I even love to use this shade as a crème blush too! 

"Syrup" // MAC

MAC has a range of what feels like hundreds of lipsticks, so it can be overwhelming when trying to find your perfect shade. I only have a couple of MAC lipsticks (I'll be sharing another favorite next!), but "Syrup" is a classic shade that would truly suit anyone's makeup preferences. It is a neutral-toned medium pink, which is my go-to for daily wear. The sheer opacity and glossy finish looks so pretty and gives the perfect tint to the lips. I love to pair this with my favorite mauve lip liner and glosses too!

"Ariana Grande Viva Glam I" // MAC

This was the first collaboration between MAC & Ariana Grande for the Viva Glam charity collection back in 2016 and it continues to be a stand-out shade in my makeup collection 4 years later. This deep plum is nearly black when applied on the lips, with a slight purple hue. It actually reminds me a lot of the lipstick she wore on the album cover of "thank u, next"!

This lipstick was limited edition and is no longer available, but "Sin" and "Cyber" from MAC seems to be the closest matches to their current line.

"Berry Me In Lipstick" // Colourpop x Safiya Nygaard

This shade is an exact replica of the franken-lipstick Safiya Nygaard created in a video from 2018 titled "Melting Every Lipstick from Sephora Together", where she bought every single lipstick sold at Sephora and melted them all together to see what the mid-point shade would be. It's such an interesting concept and experiment that no one else would probably ever take the time and money to do, so I love that Safiya did! She ended up buying about 600 lipsticks, so the Berry Me In Lipsticks name is really perfect! This is a beautiful bright cranberry shade with a creamy finish.

It's such a great video and if you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it here. Safiya is one of my favorite YouTubers and I highly recommend checking out her channel if you haven't yet! 

Safiya's Colourpop collection was limited edition, but the shade "Little Snow" from Colourpop's Frozen collection is very similar. 

"Snow White" // Colourpop x Disney Designer

"Snow White" is the perfect candy apple red from Colourpop's first Disney Designer collection. I love Disney and I love red lipstick, so everything about this is perfect for me! This is a classic red lipstick that is a must have for anyone's makeup collection. Normally I would go for a red liquid lipstick to increase the longevity (I love "Mary Jo K" from Kylie Cosmetics when it comes to that), but for a bullet lipstick, the formula is incredible. Colourpop has a wide range of amazing products available, especially when it comes to lipsticks, but their Lux Lipstick line is one of the best products the brand has to offer!

"Snow White" is a limited edition shade from Colourpop's Disney Designer collection and is still available on their website. If it is ever discontinued in the future, the shade "On Display" from Colourpop's permanent line seems to be a close match too! 

"Enchanting" // KKW Beauty

"Enchanting" is a beautiful blue-toned mauve shade with a moisturizing crème formula, which feels very comfortable on the lips. Since it's a crème finish, it definitely isn't as long-wearing as a matte lipstick would be - however, it does stay on longer than many comparable lipsticks would. It doesn't smudge all over in the way that other lipsticks have for me in the past either, especially if I use a lip liner underneath. The clear acrylic packaging is so simple and chic too, which I love! 

This shade was an exclusive to KKW's 2019 holiday set, but the shade "Pink 6" from their permanent range seems to be very similar!

"Erin" // Maybelline x Gigi Hadid

"Erin" is a cool-toned mauve with a greyish-brown undertone, which complements my fair skin tone perfectly! The matte formula is long-wearing and feels so comfortable on the lips. This is my go-to lipstick for the fall and winter season especially!

This was from the limited edition Gigi Hadid collection a few years ago, but the shade "On The Mauve" from Maybelline's permanent line seems like a close match!

"Colibri" // Republic Cosmetics x Frida Kahlo

One of the greatest hidden gem at the drugstore is the Frida Kahlo collection from Republic Cosmetics. Republic Cosmetics is a brand based in Mexico that sells in select CVS stores in the United States. I love Frida Kahlo, so it was really exciting to find these! "Colibri" is a beautiful metallic plum with a brown undertone - this shade is unlike any other lipstick I have seen before!

 The primary ingredient is Castor Oil, which is a highly beneficial natural lip moisturizer - making it the perfect ingredient for a creamy lipstick like this. Each lipstick also has a different illustration inspired by Frida Kahlo's classic pieces of art and homages to her Mexican heritage - which I show off more in my full review from last year. This is all-around a beautiful collection that more people should know about! 

Thanks for reading! Let me know what your favorite lipsticks are in the comment section below & what you thought of some of mine! ♡


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