A few months ago I purchased the KKW Beauty Classic Blossom Palette, and since then, it has become one of my absolute favorite items in my makeup collection! Before I bought this palette, I previously tried a powder highlighter and a lipstick from KKW Beauty's 2019 holiday collection and loved the quality of both, so I was very excited to try another product from the brand! 

The Classic Blossom Palette is made up of 10 beautiful primarily pink-toned and berry shades, with a range of finishes. The theme of this palette is inspired by Kim Kardashian's daughter, Chicago, as well as Kim's love of cherry blossoms. This palette retails for $45 on the KKW website, as well as online and in stores at Ulta. I was able to purchase this during a sale at Ulta, so I ended up getting it for less than half the price, so I would definitely keep a look out for any upcoming discounts! 

The matte shades are some of the best I have ever used, with the perfect amount of pigmentation to give a seamless soft blend. The metallic shades are so vibrant and are so reflective when applied to the lids. Even though I think that $45 is too much for any eyeshadow palette, I definitely can feel the difference in how high quality and luxurious this formula feels.

I also love how simplistic the nude-colored packaging is, it looks so chic and fits in with the entire KKW aesthetic so perfectly. The big mirror on the inside is also something that I love is included in this palette too!

To get a better understanding on the performance of this palette, I'll break it down shade-by-shade! 

T O P   R O W

Chi - matte light pink with warm peachy undertones - Since this shade is so light, it will work best for fair skin tones, but even then it won't really create much dimension or show up too well at all. I use this shade as a light base to set primer or if it's built up it can be used as a light transition shade.

Baby - matte light saddle brown with warm undertones - "Baby" is always my go-to shade to start any eyeshadow look using this palette. I love light mid-toned brown shades like this, and "Baby" is one of the best I've found. In the pan, it looks somewhat similar to the shade below it called "Tree", but it is actually much warmer than "Tree" is, which has a cooler slightly grey undertone. Even though a shade like "Baby" is nothing special, it's one of my favorites and most used in the palette! 

Samurai - metallic rose gold - This shade is absolutely gorgeous and is one of the best metallic shadows I have ever used. Rose gold is such a flattering shade for every skin tone, and "Samurai" is stunning when applied to the lid. I usually apply all of my metallic eyeshadows with my finger, but this formula works well when applied with a brush too. "Samurai" has a slight copper shift to it, which sets it a part from a lot of the other rose gold shades usually included in palettes. As I said before, the metallic shades are so beautiful and some of the absolute best I've ever used. 

Cherry - metallic cranberry - This metallic shade is so beautiful and compliments every other shade in this palette so perfectly, with it's vibrant pigment. It has a slightly grittier texture than the other metallic shades, but it still applies beautifully with a brush or a finger. I love wearing berry-toned shades like this, so "Cherry" is definitely another one of my favorites! 

Blossom - metallic red brown - Unlike the other metallic shades in this palette, "Blossom" has more of a satin finish. It isn't as smooth or pigmented as a lot of the other shades, but I actually prefer that when it comes to darker tones. I love to apply this shade to the outer corner of the eye to add a little bit of dimension. This shade would also work really nicely all over the lid for a smokey eye look. 

B O T T O M   R O W

Japan - matte light cream - I always use this shade to set my eyeshadow primer before I apply any of the other shades. The slight peach undertone is very complimentary to my fair skin tone, but unfortunately wouldn't work well for deeper skin tones. 

Tree - matte taupe with cool undertones -  When applied to the skin, "Tree" is somewhat similar to the shade "Baby" in the first row, but with a cooler gray undertone. This works great as a a transition shade in the crease or to help blend out some of the deeper shades in the palette. 

West - metallic icy gold - "West" is another one of my absolute favorite shades in this palette! It is the perfect gold with a light icy shift to the pigment. It has such a buttery and smooth texture that is at full opacity in just one swipe on the lid. The tone of shade is unlike any other gold shadow in my makeup collection, it is so flattering and will be complimentary to every skin tone. I mentioned before how much I love the metallic shades from KKW, but "West" is the best of them all! 

Season- matte deep plum with slight pink shimmer - "Season" has a slightly different finish from the rest of the shades in this palette. It is essentially a matte, but it has a little bit of glitter in the pan. When you apply it with a brush, the glitter doesn't show up at all. I heard before that the glitter in matte eyeshadow formulas can help it blend out easier, which is why it is common in a lot of palettes lately. This plum shade is perfect for deepening the outer corner of your eyes, or to even use as a powder eyeliner. Darker shades can sometimes be intimidating to use, but the semi-sheer formula of this shadow makes it so easy to build up and blend when applied. 

Hanami- matte burgundy - This shade is so rich in pigment and an absolutely beautiful shade of burgundy! Deeper shades like this can sometimes look patchy when applied, but "Hanami" is such an easy shade to use that builds up evenly on the lids. This is the perfect shade to wear in the fall and winter, so I have definitely been wearing it a lot lately! Just like the previous shade "Season", I primarily use this to deepen the outer corner of my eyelid. I was researching what word "Hanami" means, and it is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers, most often cherry blossoms. I love this shade and the beautiful history behind it's name that inspired it!

I know celebrity makeup brands can often be over-hyped and make you question the quality or value of the brand's products - however, based on everything I've tried from KKW Beauty, I've had such a positive experience with the brand overall. I have been blown away by the products I've used from KKW, and this palette is an absolute essential from their line - and even one of my favorites in my makeup collection! Berry and pink-toned eyeshadows are always my go-to shades to wear, so I have loved using this! It truly feels like a high quality luxury palette and is worth all of the hype it gets. If you were interested in this palette, I cannot recommend it enough! 

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