The Kylie Cosmetics Plumping Lip Gloss is an Ulta exclusive product, which retails for $16 in-stores and online. If you want the Kylie Jenner look, this lip gloss promises to give you the illusion of fuller lips - which I have found to be somewhat true.

According to Ulta's website, it is formulated with a natural peptide that offers the appearance of defined, smooth, and firmer-looking lips with intense moisture. It also is formulated with Frescolat, which is a unique cooling agent to give a refreshing feel to the lips, as well as Natural Capsicum, which is an essential oil that creates a plumped appearance for the lips by promoting increased blood flow. 

The claim that it makes your lips appear fuller is debatable, because I don't necessarily see much of a difference than I would with any other gloss. However, that doesn't make this a bad product necessarily. Generally, all glosses give the look of fuller-looking lips because of the extra shine and reflective finish - which makes lip gloss flattering on many people for this reason. 

However, I have tried plumping glosses from other brands before and never liked them because they can sometimes burn, feel drying, have a bad taste, or just not give off the glossy appearance I'm after. With these Kylie glosses, my lips feel cool and refreshed because of the menthol and the Frescolat ingredients. These also don't burn the lips or feel drying at all, which is another great aspect of the formulation. 

There are six shades available, including the shade I have called "Rosé and Chill", which is berry toned with gold shimmer. All of the shades that are available are very beautiful and would flatter any skin tone.

Like most lip glosses, I love to wear a mauve lip liner underneath for more definition. This gloss also works well on top of any lipstick and doesn't break down the product underneath, which can sometimes happen when it comes to using a gloss that feels like it has an oily consistency.

In the photo above, I shared a side-by-side of one of the Kylie Cosmetics High Glosses in the shade "My Moon & Stars", which is a similar shade to the plumping "Rosé and Chill". Both have a similar sheer pink tint with sparkle. 

The High Gloss formula is a great alternative to the Plumping Lip Glosses if you aren't a fan of the cooling effect that menthol lip products give. Even though the feeling isn't bad or uncomfortable in any way, it is worth noting. The High Glosses are my go-to lip gloss formula because of the high shine and sparkle they give to the lips. As I wrote in my full review that I posted a couple of years ago, the only downside is that the shades all look very similar when applied to the lips, which isn't ideal if you own a few shades. I only have one shade of the Plumping Lip Glosses, but it does seem to be more pigmented than the High Glosses are. It also has the same glass-like shine to the lips when applied, which I love. When deciding between this plumping gloss or the original High Glosses, it really all just comes down to your personal preferences. 

Just like the High Glosses, the Plumping Lip Glosses also have the same packaging and large angled applicator. This applicator makes it so easy to pick up a lot of product and apply in just one swipe. 

One of the biggest improvements that were made when it comes to the brand's lip glosses in general is the lack of product in the tube. When I first purchased the High Glosses back in 2019, it looked like a third of the tube was empty even though I never used it before. That could be because of the large applicator, but for the price-point, you would expect it to be the full 0.11 oz of product advertised. Thankfully the tube of the plumping glosses seems to be filled to the top with product, which is great considering they used the same components.

As always when it comes to purchasing Kylie Cosmetics products, I would recommend checking it out at Ulta, because they always have sales for 50% off or more in-stores and online. I am a huge fan of all of the Kylie lip products, you really can't go wrong with any formula you end up trying.

I'm surprised that a plumping product like this wasn't released years ago to continue the hype surrounding Kylie Jenner's appearance and her style of makeup in 2016-2017 especially. Regardless, I would recommend this plumping lip gloss to anyone interested! 

Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! ♡

-Melissa ♡

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