The Best Songs of September 2023 // New Music Friday!

"Modern Girl" // Bleachers 

New Jersey's finest New Yorker is back and better than ever with "Modern Girl", the first song off of Bleachers' upcoming fourth album. This song is pure joy and encapsulates all of the things I have always loved about the band. It is so high-energy with lyrics like, "all the modern girls shakin' their ass tonight". The line about being a "pop music hoarder" is so great too! I can only imagine how incredible this song is going to be to hear live, as it feels like such a celebration of the band, their fans and the incredible atmosphere their shows create. 🍅

"love is embarassing" // Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo's latest album GUTS has been on repeat all month and I truly love every song off of it. One of my favorite tracks from it is "love is embarrassing", which is simply a great pop song about a rollercoaster of emotions. I love the lyricism too, it's so catchy. The line "you found a new version of me and I damn near started World War III" also gives me a little bit of deja vu too. 

Check out my full review of GUTS here!

"Sweet Relief" // Madison Beer

"Sweet Relief" is one of the highlights of Madison Beer's sophomore album, Silence Between Songs, for me because of the lively production and showcasing of her stunning vocals. Much like her song "Home To Another One", is very reminiscent of Tame Impala's signature sound, as well. I am currently working on my full review of the record, but it is such a beautiful release and perfect for autumn! 

"Got Me Started" // Troye Sivan

"Got Me Started" is yet another fun and glittery electronic track from Troye Sivan's upcoming album, Something To Give Each Other. I've been loving the cool modern pop sound he has been experimenting with in his latest releases. The way he incorporated the sample of "Shooting Stars" by Bag Raiders is also so well done. I am really looking forward to hearing the rest of his new album in October! 

"Atomic City" // U2

In honor of their new Las Vegas residency, U2 has released "Atomic City" to commemorate the occasion. "Where you are is where I'll be", Bono sings in the chorus. It also features an interpolation of Blondie's "Call Me", who they cited as a major inspiration behind this song. "Atomic City" is a great song and one of the best they have made in years! 

Snooze (Acoustic) // SZA & Justin Bieber

SZA and Justin Bieber teamed up on a remix of "Snooze" from her 2022 album, SOS. They both sound amazing and their vocals work so perfectly together!

Throughout September, I posted several throwback reviews of some of my favorite albums ever that turned 10 years old this month. Who would've thought that September 2013 was such an incredible month for new music?! I took a look back Yours Truly by Ariana Grande, The 1975's self-titled debut, Pure Heroine by Lorde, AM by Arctic Monkeys and Bangerz by Miley Cyrus. If you are a fan of any of these artists or were a fellow Tumblr girl during that era, then be sure to check it out! ♡♡♡

Thanks for reading! If you are interested in more of my recent song recommendations, check out my list of the best songs of January 2023, February 2023March 2023, April 2023May 2023June 2023July 2023August 2023 and more from my New Music Friday series! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! 

-Melissa ♡

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