Believe by Justin Bieber // 2013 Signed Tour Exclusive Vinyl Picture Disc + Memories from the Believe Tour 10 Years Later ✨

Believe was the third album from Justin Bieber released in 2012, which served as a follow-up to his breakthrough debut albums, My World in 2009 and My World 2.0 in 2010. While I have loved a lot of the music he made after Believe and I have loved seeing his growth and evolution through the years, I will always consider this to be the best album Justin has ever released. He was absolutely in his prime during this album cycle and it was just such a fun time to be a fan. I played Believe on repeat for years and was the soundtrack of my life when I was thirteen years old. There are so many classics that hold so many memories for me. Some of his biggest hits came from this album, like "Boyfriend", "As Long As You Love Me", "Beauty and a Beat", and "Die In Your Arms", to name a few, all of which are still some of my favorite songs of his to this day. Believe also has a stacked lineup of featuring artists, like Nicki Minaj, Drake, Ludacris, and Big Sean. 

This exclusive vinyl pressing is one of my favorites in my entire record collection because it is an album that holds so much nostalgia for me. My dad found a pre-owned copy of this at our favorite local record store a few years ago. This is such a rare pressing and there really isn't too much information available online about it, but from my research, it was limited to only 1,000 copies and sold exclusively through the VIP packages at the Believe Tour in 2013. That element of this vinyl release is so special because the Believe Tour is first Justin Bieber show I ever went to and have the most amazing memories associated with it.

It is a double picture disc, one disc with a colored version of the standard album cover and the other is the black and white deluxe edition cover. It features a hand-signed insert, which I love, because at the time it was my first signed vinyl and first Justin Bieber signature I had in my collection. It's one of my favorite and most sentimental albums I own, so it really means a lot to me! 

On this day 10 years ago, I saw Justin Bieber in concert for the first time in Philadelphia on the Believe Tour. At the time, it was my biggest dream to see Justin Bieber live, so it was beyond exciting when I was surprised with tickets for Christmas to see him. I have been lucky enough to see so many of my favorite artists live in concert through the years and seeing Justin Bieber will always hold a special place in my heart as one of the best shows I've seen. I remember when he came on stage I had literal tears in my eyes during the entire first song, "All Around the World". It was definitely the height of my Bieber Fever! It was such a great night, one that I still look back on to this day with the best memories.

He also put on such a well-produced and choreographed performance, there were so many unique elements to the show that I have never really seen any other performer do before or since. In the beginning, he dramatically came out on stage lowered down on giant angel wings made of guitars, drums, and keyboards. At another point in the show, he sang acoustically while circling around the top of the arena on a crane platform. Every design aspect of the show was so well done, from the stage and the costumes, to the lighting and pyrotechnics - it was such a memorable show. 

I was supposed to see him again last summer in New York City, which was sadly cancelled at the last minute only a couple of days before the show, after being rescheduled several times over the span of two years. I hope he tours again one day so I have the chance to see him again! He is such an amazing performer!

Thanks for reading! I am always open for suggestions on what you would like to see next in my vinyl series! If you're interested in seeing previous posts like this, click here or check out the links below. I have so much Justin Bieber vinyl in my collection, so if there is any other albums or specific pressings you want to see or hear more about, let me know! I am looking forward to sharing more of my record collection with you in future posts!

-Melissa ♡

All photos are my own! 

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