Venice Beach, Beverly Hills & More! Los Angeles: August 2017

This post is a continuation of my recent trip to Los Angeles. To read about my experience at The Grammy Museum, click here, to read about seeing The Hollywood Sign for the first time & going to The Hollywood Forever Cemetery, click here and to read about going to Calabasas, click here. Enjoy!

Los Angeles Police Museum

To start off our third full day of our trip, we went to the Los Angeles Police Museum, which is located in the city's oldest surviving police station. It is full of memorabilia and evidence acquired by the LAPD through the years. This is one of the places my brother has been wanting to go to, and he really enjoyed it.

Venice Beach

After we left the Police Museum we drove to Venice Beach. Venice was so different than any other boardwalk I have ever been to on the East Coast. Everywhere you look, there is something different going on. There is a very eclectic crowd of people at Venice, which just made the experience even better.

There is a different mural on almost every wall, which adds to the character of the boardwalk. As I have mentioned in a previous post, one of my favorite things about Los Angeles was all of the beautiful street art and there is definitely no shortage of it here!

About halfway down the boardwalk, we found the Venice sign, which is probably the most iconic photo spot on the entire boardwalk! When I was planning out the trip, I was unable to find the exact address of the sign, but you will likely have no trouble finding it once you are actually there!

Beverly Hills

After we left Venice, we ended up driving down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. We didn't go in any of the stores, we just drove through, but it is the perfect place to go window shopping. The street is just so beautiful and has such a luxury feeling to it. Many of these stores/ brands I have never seen before in person, since high fashion isn't exactly common where I live in Pennsylvania, so I loved being able to see all of that in person.

If you are looking for a taste of Old Hollywood, Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills is where so many classic stars lived such as Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, and Peter Falk, to name a few. They are beautiful homes and unlike many other homes in the area, you are actually able to see the houses without a fence built up around it. It was so cool being able to see modern Hollywood on Rodeo Drive and all of the huge modern mansions surrounding it, then just a few blocks down being able to see where all of the Hollywood legends lived decades ago. 

Team 10 House

When I went to Los Angeles in August, Jake Paul was being talked about non-stop on social media for being a nuisance to his neighbors. I wanted to go see if it was as bad as everyone was making it out to be online. No one is allowed to park on the street, so we had to park about 2 blocks away and walk up to the house. If you were to park on the street, there was a police man waiting a few feet away to give you a parking ticket. When we went around 3 p.m., there were about two dozen kids there (all under the age of 12, most with no parent), screaming the whole time. The kids didn't even know if anyone was in the house, they just kept screaming and chanting people's names. The few parents that were there did not tell their kids to stop yelling every second, which was very rude. It sounded like this yelling has been going on for a while, since several neighbors came out of their house to tell them to be quiet. 

The actual house is beautiful, but it was absolutely ruined from everything they do to it and the fans do to it on a daily basis. There was dried egg all over the windows, their garage was spray-painted with "Be A Maverick" and the fence and tree next to the house was written all over by the fans. That's just the exterior damage, I'm sure it looks even worse on the inside.

After about 15-20 minutes of us being there, even more cops came and were talking to several pissed off neighbors across the street. When this happened, we decided to leave since it was getting to be too much.

Jake Paul and the rest of Team 10
moved from this house shortly after we were there, so I'm sure it is much quieter now. It was so funny actually being there for a few minutes and seeing what all of the commotion was about on social media. 

If you don't know about all of the trouble Jake Paul and the rest of Team 10 were causing a few months ago at this house, watch this hilarious video here where Chris Klemens, one of my favorite YouTubers, interviewed the neighbors and some of the kids who were standing outside.

The Pink Wall

The Team 10 house was right off of Melrose Avenue in Beverly Hills, which if you are unfamiliar, is the street where basically every Instagram-worthy spot is in Los Angeles. The Pink Wall is just the side wall of a store called Paul Smith, a high-end clothing retailer. I have been wanting to go see The Pink Wall a very long time, so I was excited to go there. My parents and brother never heard of it and didn't really understand the hype around it, so they weren't as excited about it as I was. It was almost sunset, but there was still a lot of people there taking pictures. As I'm sure you can tell by the photos above, I was so sunburned by that day, that I'm almost the same shade as the wall! 

Thank you so much for checking out my blog and I hope you come back soon to read about my experience at Griffith Observatory and more!


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