My Favorite Makeup Products Under $5 (PART 2)

Today I'm going to be sharing part 2 of my favorite makeup products under $5. If you want to check out part 1 that I posted last year, click here! -Enjoy!

Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette // Wet n Wild // $4.99

This is one of the best and most affordable eyeshadow palettes available at the drugstore. I'm not only mentioning it on this list because it's  only $5, but because it's actually really great quality. It is has primarily matte shadows, most of which are nicely pigmented and blendable. The only one I don't like at all is the light purple shade, which has no pigmentation and doesn't show up at all on my fair skin tone. The stand-outs from the palette are the transition shades, which have the largest pan size. Having both cool-toned and warm-toned light brown shades adds so much more versatility and practicability to the palette. Also, it's an exact dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. So if you've been wanting to try it - but don't want to spend $42 for eyeshadow - then I highly recommend checking this palette out!

Shade Shown: 
Rosé in the Air

Iconic Pro Revolution Lipstick // Makeup Revolution // $5.00

Makeup Revolution is notorious for making nearly exact dupes of high-end makeup and this particular one is very comparable to the MAC Cosmetics formula and packaging. The shade shown above is Chauffer from the Rose Gold collection - which is an exact shade match for one of MAC's most popular shades, Velvet Teddy. Reapplication is needed throughout the day, but it is a really comfortable and easy to wear formula. There are dozens of shades to choose from both online and in-store at Ulta, so I'm sure you will be able to find the perfect shade for you!

Shade Shown: 

EasyLiner For Lips // jordana // $2.49

I had difficulty finding the perfect shade to match a dark plum lipstick I had, since most I found were either too light or just weren't the right tone of was looking for. From what I have tried, this is one of the best lip liners from the drugstore and the best shade match of the lipstick I have. I love that it's retractable, too so there's no need to worry about having to sharpen it before each use. I have found that this prolongs the wear time of my lipstick and prevents it from bleeding outside the lip line or looking messy after a few hours. This is actually pigmented enough to be worn alone as lipstick or underneath gloss, as well. 

Shade Shown: 

Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara // Essence // $2.99

This has been my go-to brow product for the past year. It is so easy to use and can really make a big difference in the way your eyebrows look once you apply it. I prefer a more natural look, so I usually apply it without any other product underneath. I would say that this product is best suited for people who already have fuller brows to begin with and just need a little extra hold and tint of color. 

Shade Shown: 
Browny Brows 02

Check out my full review here!

Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set // Eco Tools // $4.40

This is a great value for 4 brushes that are genuinely high quality and useful for everyday use. If you're a beginner to makeup and don't have any brushes, this set is a great place to start! I've had these brushes for about a year and a half and have washed them dozens of times but they still completely keep their shape without any shedding or fraying. I also included this in a list of my 2017 Makeup Favorites, so check out that post if you're looking for a more detailed description of how I use each end of the brush.

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  1. I never tried the WetnWild 10pan Eyeshadows after they relaunched, I bought a few 2 of the 4pan ones and was kindof disappointed in the quality. But I might have to try these. Nice post girl! Drugstore brands are my go to for everydag makeup

    1. I never tried any of the 4-pan palettes, but I heard that they are different quality than the 10-pan palettes for some reason. I highly recommend checking out those instead! Drugstore brands have always been my go-to for everyday makeup too! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog, Imani! :)

  2. The Wet n Wild palette is gorgeous. It's very reminiscent of the ABH Modern Renaissance!

    1. I saw comparison swatches online and they look identical! It's a great dupe for Modern Renaissance! Thanks for reading, Kate! :) x

  3. Wonderful post - I love makeup so this was going to be up my street anyway! Makeup Revolution do some utterly amazing products, their highlighters are BANG on point (plus the infamous concealer), but I've not tried any lips from them yet and this looks like a stunning pinky nude for everyone. Essence is such an affordable brand - I have sparse brows though to start with so I'd need something with a bit more oomph. Wet n' Wild is a brand I've always wanted to try but can't get hold of where I am - one day! x
    Marina Rosie x

    1. Hi Marina! Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment!

      Makeup Revolution makes so many amazing products, I especially love their highlighters! I'm obsessed with their newer liquid highlighters! I really need to try out their concealer - I've heard so many great things about it! The Essence brow gel is definitely worth checking out, it's such a quick product to apply that can add a lot of texture and color to your brows. I hope you get to try Wet n Wild one day, it's one of my all time favorite brands! Everything is so high quality and affordable (pretty much everything is under $5!).

      Thanks again for the support! Have a great day! x :)


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