This year's theme for the Met Gala is "Camp: Notes on Fashion". "The essence of Camp is it's love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration," wrote Susan Sontag in her 1964 essay that inspired the theme of this year's event, "The hallmark of Camp is the sprit of extravagance. Camp is a woman walking around in a dress made of three million feathers." 

This Met Gala theme was definitely my favorite from recent years because it turned the otherwise uptight event into something so much more interesting and out-of-the-ordinary from what we're used to seeing all of these people wearing normally. There were definitely a lot of iconic fashion moments this year, so in today's post I'm going to share my favorites and what made them stand out amongst the rest. 

Lady Gaga 

The most notable moment of the night was definitely Lady Gaga. Her entrance was over 15 minutes long, accompanied with 4 dramatic wardrobe changes, 5 dancers, choreography, a team of makeup artists, personal photographers, and more - the whole thing was very dramatic and just so gaga. She's been known for her over-the-top camp fashion for the entirety of her career, so this theme was as if it was made for her.

Harry Styles

My most anticipated appearance of the night was by far Harry Styles. I think everyone was expecting him to go all out with his look - as he always does - but I love how he went for the unexpected which was a much more subtle, yet still very "camp" look. Either way, Harry always makes a statement with his fashion choices. He fits the overall aesthetic of Gucci so well and has had so many iconic fashion moments with them. He continues to amplify his influence on bending modern fashion norms and has been a trendsetter for both male and female fashion for years. 

Kacey Musgraves

Kacey is known for her bold fashion statements, but at this year's Met Gala she really went above and beyond. Her outfit is by designer Jeremy Scott from Moschino, which was modeled after an actual Barbie he specially designed for The Met. This outfit perfectly resembles Barbie without looking tacky or too much like a Halloween costume. Her style is so bold and fun, but still very glamorous. To make it even better, she also arrived in a hot pink Barbie convertible! 

Janelle Monae

I absolutely love the design of this dress, especially the wearable-technology aspect of it with the blinking eye. The design reminds me a lot of Picasso's style of painting, which isn't often an influence in modern fashion. The dress and headpiece represent her style so well while still going with the theme of the event. This was by far one of the most memorable outfits of the night!

Kylie & Kendall Jenner

The Kardashians/Jenners are notorious for never really following the theme of the Met Gala (especially Kendall, more so than Kylie), so I really loved how they went all out this year. I can tell that their outfits were inspired by the Susan Sontag quote I mentioned earlier, "Camp is a woman walking around in a dress made of three million feathers." Their dresses complimented each other so well, while also sticking to their individual styles. Kylie and Kendall are so influential, especially when it comes to their fashion choices, so I loved how they went for the unexpected this time.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi's outfit from last night reminded me of a mix between the fashion of The Great Gatsby and the fashion of the Capitol from The Hunger Games. I have always loved her style since it's always so classy and simple, but still trendsetting and different. I especially loved her makeup and the boldness of the long silver lashes. 

Katy Perry

Just like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry's style embodies the definition of camp fashion. In comparison to many other's interpretation of camp, Katy Perry definitely goes a more gaudy route with her style (not in a bad way). This year she wore a huge light-up chandelier dress, which was such a stand out of the night. I read an article that it weighed over 40 pounds and had two battery packs attached so it could actually light up. This was designed by Jeremy Scott from Moschino - who is known for making many of Katy's iconic outfits - and this is definitely one of her best as of recent.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto definitely had one of the most outrageous looks of the night, mainly because he carried a replica of his head with him as an accessory. This is reminiscent of Gucci's fall 2018 fashion show where models carried replicas of their own heads with them down the runway. I thought that was so unique when it was originally done, but I love how Jared Leto brought it to a more mainstream scale with the Met Gala red carpet. Aside from the head, I loved the rest of his outfit and how he fits the overall aesthetic of Gucci so well, just as I mentioned earlier with Harry Styles.

Other Favorites!

Lily Collins

Cara Delevinge

Charli XCX

Bella Hadid

Cardi B

Ezra Miller

Kim Kardashian West

Elle Fanning

Naomi Campbell

Lucy Boynton

Emily Blunt

Alexa Chung

Liza Koshy

Miley Cyrus

Leave a comment below telling me what you thought of this year's Met Gala and some of your favorite fashion moments! I'm going to The Met in a few weeks to see the new "Camp: Notes on Fashion" exhibit, so be sure to come back soon to read about my experience and see some pictures from it! Thanks for reading! 


I've done a few other posts in the past like this so if you're interested here's a list of direct links to check them out! 

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