I've been eager to try out KKW Beauty, Kim Kardashian's brand, for a while and I was so excited when it was announced that they will be sold in stores and online at Ulta! Ulta carries a wide range of her products from the permanent KKW line, in addition to a few Ulta exclusive holiday sets. I picked up the Crème Lipstick & Highlighter duo, which retails for $29 ($38 value).

The set includes a crème lipstick in the shade "Enchanting" and a powder highlighter in the shade "Tempting". Both shades are exclusive to this set. Both of these products (and many others in the KKW line) come in clear acrylic packaging, which is so simple, chic, and very true to Kim's personal style. 

Enchanting // Crème Lipstick 

"Enchanting" is a beautiful blue-toned mauve shade and is an exclusive to this set. It is a moisturizing crème formula, which feels very comfortable and moisturizing on the lips. Since it's a crème finish, it definitely isn't as long-wearing as a matte lipstick would be - however, it does stay on longer than many comparable lipsticks would. It doesn't smudge all over in the way that other lipsticks have for me in the past either, especially if I use a lip liner underneath. There is no artificial fragrance in this product, which is great if you're sensitive to scented makeup products. It does have a faint smell of castor seed oil, which dissipates quickly. It is a dense and rich oil, so it immediately hydrates and plumps the lips - making it the perfect ingredient for a creamy lipstick like this.

This is a full-sized standard lipstick, which I love because many holiday sets tend to include  mini sample-sizes - which in my opinion, is a waste of money and something you can't get much use out of. KKW's  single lipsticks retail for $18 each, which is a normal price for high-end brands, but I love that it was available for a discounted price in this set! 

As I mentioned earlier, the clear acrylic cubed packaging is so chic and simple. I like that KKW didn't go for the standard lipstick packaging that basically every other brand uses, but instead went for a completely different look. 

KKW's website sells a wide range of lipsticks, in  both crème and matte finishes, so if this particular shade doesn't appeal to you, I'm sure one of the others would instead! They have a gorgeous selection of shades that I would definitely be interested in trying in the future! 

Tempting // Highlighter 

"Tempting" is a beautiful shimmering champagne gold that is also an exclusive to this set. I don't usually go for golden highlighters, but this actually compliments my fair skin tone really well. This shade would likely be best suited for fair to medium skin tones. I also love to use this as an eyeshadow, as well! There is a glittery finish, but not in an unnatural or overpowering way. It can be diffused for a natural look or built up for more of a glam look. This has become one of my favorite highlighters!  

There is also a mirror in the compact, that I've found to be especially useful when I'm doing my makeup. 

For this being a full-sized highlighter (and not a sample size), there really isn't much product in the compact. There is only .12 oz of product, which for reference is half - or even a third - of the size of the best-selling highlighters on the market of equal or lesser value. Other than KKW's powder face products (highlighters, blush, setting powder, etc.) everything else sold - including the lipsticks I mentioned earlier - seem to be a standard size to other comparable brands.  KKW's single highlighters retail for $20 each, but are technically discounted if you buy it in this holiday set. If you break down the price-per-gram equivalent, this isn't really a great price for how much product you get. 

However, powder highlighter are something that most people don't run out of as frequently as other products in their makeup routine, so that could justify the purchase for you regardless of the value. With all of that being said, I still really love this highlighter and believe that it's great quality, but I still wanted to point out one of the biggest downsides of it. 

Overall, I absolutely love and would highly recommend this duo, especially if you haven't tried anything KKW before. Both of these products are very high quality and a great introduction to the brand for me. I'm definitely interested in trying more from KKW in the future, especially now that it's available at Ulta. 

This set is a limited edition Ulta exclusive, which you can purchase here if you're interested. If you're reading this in the future when this set is no longer available, the crème lipstick in the shade "Pink 5", looks similar to "Enchanting" and the pressed powder highlighter in the shade "Glam Bible" looks similar to "Tempting" from this set. I don't know it these are exact dupes, but they look very similar based on the photos on the website. 

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-Melissa ♡

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