For my first post of  the new year, I wanted to share my thoughts on one of my favorite makeup releases, the Safiya Nygaard x Colourpop collection! Safiya is one of my favorite YouTubers and Colourpop is my favorite makeup brand, so this is a really exciting collaboration! 

Safiya consistently makes a variety of really high quality and interesting videos that mainly focus on beauty and fashion. I admire how much time and research she puts into what she does, all of the work that is put into these videos really shows in the finished product. If you haven't watched her channel before, I really can't recommend it enough! 

In August 2017, she started a series called "bad makeup science", which is the basis of this new Colourpop lipstick collection. There are 6 lipstick shades that correlate with a shade she created in one of her videos. You can check out the playlist of videos that inspired her collection here. I recently re-watched the whole series again and was reminded of how great these videos are and how her channel has progressed over the past few years.

Safiya wearing Mrs. Norris & Berry Me in Lipsticks // photo credit: Colourpop

I have two of the six lipsticks from this collection, Berry Me In Lipsticks & Mrs. Norris, which I'll be going more into detail about in the shade descriptions below. 

Aside from the actual lipsticks, I also love the overall presentation of this product, as well. I love the dark chromatic packaging, which is something I haven't seen Colourpop do with their previous collections. The actual lipstick bullet is also imprinted with bats too, which is such a unique detail and a fun personal touch to Safiya's style. 

Each Lux Lipstick retails for $8 individually and $42 for the bundle of all six shades exclusively on Colourpop's website. 

Berry Me In Lipsticks

"Berry Me In Lipsticks" is a gorgeous bright cranberry shade that would universally flatter any skin tone. This Lux Lipstick has a crème finish, which feels so light and moisturizing on the lips. This particular shade also lasts a surprisingly long time considering it has a semi-glossy finish. This has become one of my all time favorite lipstick shades I ever used, I've never seen anything like it before! 

This shade is an exact replica of the franken-lipstick Safiya created in a video from 2018 titled "Melting Every Lipstick from Sephora Together",  where she bought every single lipstick sold at Sephora and melted them all together to see what the mid-point shade would be. It's such an interesting concept and experiment that no one else would probably ever take the time and money to do, so I love that Safiya did! She ended up buying about 600 lipsticks, so the Berry Me In Lipsticks name is really perfect! It's such a great video and if you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it here. She also did a drugstore edition where she bought several hundred more lipsticks and melted them together and it actually made a very similar shade!

I really love how Colourpop made this into an actual lipstick for more people to be able to have, since it's such a beautiful shade with a great story behind it. 

Mrs. Norris

"Mrs. Norris" is another one of the most unique lipstick shades I've ever seen! It's a beautiful cool-toned grey-brown. I love grungy lipstick shades like this, but I never found a tone that quite compares to this. I would say it would look most flattering on those with a cool-undertone in their skin or otherwise it could wash you out. Other than that, this shade is so unique and is really a standout product in my makeup collection.

This shade is a replica of the custom lipstick Safiya made in one of the first videos of her bad makeup science series at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in NYC. At the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, guests can actually mix their own custom lipstick shades with the pigments they have available. The shade "Screamer" in this collection is also a part of this video, as well! If you haven't seen the video before, you can check it out here.

Most of the individual shades from this collection are sold out on Colourpop's website, but a bundle of the whole collection is still available. I don't know when the next restock is, but you can check out Colourpop and Safiya's social media accounts for future updates on the collection. 

Overall, I absolutely love this collection and it's definitely some of the best items I've ever tried from Colourpop! They are one of the best and most dependable brands for me in terms of quality, creativity and affordability - these products are no different! 

Thanks for reading! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post and leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts on this collection! 

- Melissa

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