One of the best and most innovative makeup products I've ever tried are Colourpop's Super Shock Shadows. It was the first product I bought from the brand when I made my first order in 2016 and I've loved them ever since. Colourpop is one of my favorite brands that consistently makes incredible products and huge shade ranges - all at an affordable price. I have tried many of their products, but their Super Shock Shadows have always been a standout to me. This was also the first product the brand launched years ago, so this is really a classic in their lineup. It was such a revolutionary concept at the time, that other brands have tried to replicate since - but none of them do it quite like Colourpop does.

I love to wear these all over the lid on it's own for a wash of color, or in conjunction with some of my favorite powder eyeshadows (which also happen to be from Colourpop!). The Super Shock Shadows are a crème with a soft malleable texture, but apply and blend on the lid like a powder shadow would. For the easiest way of application, I prefer to use my finger since it gives the best color payoff right away. Using a brush typically would require extra building and blending for an even application. 

Colourpop has dozens of shades available in the Super Shock Shadows on their website (and are always releasing new shades), so even if you aren't interested in the particular shades I'm mentioning today, I highly recommend seeing if any others interest you on their website because they are one of the best makeup products on the market, in my opinion. They also have Super Shock Cheek products available, as well - the highlighters are amazing and are one of my favorite crème face products I've ever used. I haven't tried the blushes, but they have gotten rave reviews on the website!

Colourpop is always releasing new products, which means that they do often discontinue some of their older or limited edition shades. Most of the shades I'm mentioning today are still available in their permanent line-up, but a few have been discontinued which I'll be sharing alternative shades of from on their website. 


Out of any eyeshadow I've tried, this has quickly became my absolute favorite in my collection. Ritz was a shade that Mariah Leonard, one of my favorite influencers, recommended in one of  her videos last year and since I love her style of makeup and a lot of her makeup recommendations, I knew that I was going to love this!

Ritz has a sheer nude base with extra fine silver sparkle. This shadow will give you a glittery and glamorous look, without the extra time, mess, and dangers of using a pressed or loose glitter product.  When you apply it to the lid on it's own, it gives a very smooth, dimensional and an almost glossy look to the eye. Unlike a lot of other glitter products, this has very minimal fallout throughout the day. It's such a versatile shade that can be worn alone for a more natural look or as a topper for any eyeshadow, since this has such a sheer base. Out of any shade on this list, I recommend Ritz the most! 


Along with Ritz, Sailor is also at the top of my list of favorite Super Shock Shadows in my collection. Sailor has a warm beige base with multichromatic blue green and silver glitter shift. I also love the way this eyeshadow looks on it's own or on top of any eyeshadow look, especially gold and blue toned shades. The light beige base matches my pale skin tone, so it overall looks kind of natural, with a really beautiful blue reflect.


Ripple is a cool-toned purple with turquoise glitter and one of the most unique shades I've seen. I love to wear purple eyeshadow, and this is one of the best I've ever used! Purple makeup products can be difficult to formulate without looking patchy or being difficult to blend out - but Ripple is truly the perfect purple eyeshadow. The turquoise glitter also adds such a pretty duo-chromatic shift to the lid, without being too bold. I always love to use this as a topper with the NYX Mystic Petals palette, since so many of the tones of that palette pair so well with Ripple. For a light wash of color, this also looks really beautiful on its own!


Sunbeam is a beautiful lilac pastel shade with multicolored glitter and is also one of the most unique shades in my collection. My favorite color is a light lilac like this, which isn't often an eyeshadow shade I see from new releases. I've had this for about 3 years, before the pastel trend was as popular as it is now, so I hope Colourpop continues to release more light shades like this in the future! This particular shade is from the limited edition My Little Pony collection a few years ago, but there are still similar shades available in the permanent range like REM and A Whole New World.


Tinsel is a cool toned mauve with a metallic finish and silver sparkle. This was one of the first shades I ever bought from Colourpop from their limited edition holiday collection in 2016! I don't use cool toned shades often, but this is always one of my go-to's. I especially love to apply this on it's own to really show the depth and dimension of the shade. Tinsel is no longer available, but a similar Super Shock shade is Prickly Pear.

So This Is Love

So This Is Love is a beautiful soft pink with a frosted finish. This shade is from the limited edition Colourpop x Disney Designer collection (still available) and it's named after one of my favorite Disney songs from Cinderella!  I love to apply this shadow all over the lid for a quick eyeshadow look, or use it as a base to apply other shadows on top of. Overall, Super Shock Shadows work really great as an eyeshadow primer and greatly improves the longevity of any eyeshadow. 

Cherries Jubilee

Cherries Jubilee has a white base with a cool toned pale pink undertone and pink sparkle. I don't like the way this particular shade looks on it's own, so I prefer to apply it lightly over pink eyeshadow. I also love the way this shade looks as a highlighter! This was another limited edition shade from the My Little Pony collection, but Ice Dream is a similar shade from the permanent range. 

Three's A Cloud

Three's a Cloud is a bright warm toned orange with golden undertones and a metallic finish. This is very pigmented and in just one swipe the shadow is fully opaque. Three's a Cloud has the perfect tone to compliment any eye color and really make them pop! This shade has recently been discontinued, but a similar shade is Golden Hour.

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