To celebrate the 27th annual VIVA GLAM collection, MAC Cosmetics has collaborated with the estate of pop-artist Keith Haring. Just like every Viva Glam collection, 100% of the money raised through these products is donated, on their website it says "What you spend is what you give". On the MAC website it also says: When you spend $19 on a VIVA GLAM Lipstick, we donate $19 to support women and girls, the LGBTQIA+ community and people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. There’s no catch. It’s just pure giving back." 

Over the past 27 years, they have raised more than $500 million and have helped more than 19 million people worldwide! 

I couldn't think of a better brand for the Keith Haring estate to collaborate with because of his legacy of being an advocate for these causes and his groundbreaking philanthropic efforts during his lifetime. The collection also represents his signature style so well and honors his legacy beautifully.

There are three shades in the collection that represent the primary colors - red, yellow and blue. I have seen blue lipsticks before, but yellow is something I rarely ever see! I'm not daring enough to wear that, but there is so much room to experiment and mix all of the shades together for a custom look to show off your own artistry. 

All 3 shades retail for $19 each and are available on MAC's website, as well as Ulta's website.

I bought one shade, "Red Haring", which is a stunning bright true red with a matte finish. I know how iconic MAC red lipsticks are, especially when it comes to the status of shades like "Ruby Woo", but this is actually my first time trying a red lipstick from the brand. It is 100% worth all of the hype their red formula gets! One time I wore it all day, through eating, drinking, and wearing a mask and it didn't fade, smudge, or budge all day. I never used a red lipstick quite like this one before! 

I love all of the other MAC lipsticks I have and they are worth every penny! The formula is consistent throughout all that I have tried and there of course is a huge selection of shades to choose from. 

The packaging is also stunning for every shade in this collection. Each one incorporates his cartoonish street art figures that he has come to be known for, with his signature featured on the inside of the barrel of the lipstick. The attention to detail is so evident, even with the inside of the box being covered in his art. Each of the three shades has a unique design, but the one I own has a black, white and red color palette with the bottom of the tube having his iconic dancing figures motif and the top lid with the Smiling Heart. Both of these designs are some of my favorite pieces of art by Keith Haring and I love that it is featured on the packaging on this product! 

In a time where there is constant new makeup launches and collaborations with every brand under the sun, I love to see a collection from a brand like this that clearly put in the time to make this truly represent Keith Haring as an artist and as an activist. As a big fan of his art and an avid makeup lover, this has become one of my favorite products in my makeup collection and one of the best brand collaborations I have ever seen. 

I cannot recommend checking out this collection enough, it is great quality, goes to an amazing cause and celebrates the work of such an important modern artist. For more information about the Viva Glam Foundation and this collection, click here

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

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