This Colourpop x Lizzie McGuire eyeshadow palette is what dreams are made of! These colorful pastels, mixed with the early 2000s nostalgia, is right on trend and has been an essential in my makeup routine all year. 

I loved Lizzie McGuire when I was younger and when I saw my favorite brand, Colourpop, was collaborating with Disney for this palette, I knew I had to have it! This is a 12-pan palette made up of 5 metallics, 6 mattes and 1 pressed glitter and retails for $22 on their website. 

Colourpop is one of the most dependable eyeshadow formulas on the market, and also just about all that I use in my makeup routine. Their metallics are always so smooth and ultra shiny while their mattes are soft, pigmented and easy to blend. All of the mattes are so bright and vivid, I never used a palette like this before. The way they look in the pan is exactly the way it looks when applied, which can be difficult to find. Many of the metallics have a duo-chromatic finish, which sealed the deal for me when buying this palette! That aspect alone makes this palette stand out among many of the other recent releases from Colourpop or any other brand. They absolutely have the best formula on the market and regardless of your style of makeup, they have something that will suit your preferences. 

Colourpop always nails it with the packaging, I especially love this cute tie-dye background and holographic embossed flowers with the cartoon version of Lizzie. I used to always play a Lizzie McGuire video game on my GameBoy years ago, so the graphics are reminding me so much of that! The shade names are also so cute and represent the show so well! It also has a mirror inside, which is a great bonus because I don't think any of my other Colourpop 12 pan palettes have one inside. It's not a big deal if there is no mirror, but it's always a bonus if there is one in my opinion. Just by the design alone, it is evident how much thought and care went into making this collection the best it could possibly be.

As always with my palette reviews, I will be going row by row and reviewing each shade! Many of these shades are considered pressed pigments, so be careful if you have sensitive eyes or any allergy to certain pigments! I personally haven't had any problems, but it is worth noting. 


Buh-Bye! - metallic pale champagne - This is such a stunning shade and one of my most used from the palette. It is the perfect tone of light gold with an ultra metallic finish, which makes it really pop on the lids. 

Puh-lease! - peachy pressed glitter with gold reflect - I don't tend to use the glitters that come in the Colourpop palettes because they aren't technically eye-safe and the formula is a little messy, but the shade is beautiful and fits well with the rest of the color scheme. Instead I would have loved to see another sparkly metallic included.

Done and Done! - matte peachy beige - As one of the more neutral shades in this palette, this is one of my most frequently used shadows. It works well with every single shade in this collection, but for most of my simple everyday looks, I use this in the crease with a swipe of "Buh-Bye!" all over the lid. It reminds me of a slightly rosier version of my favorite matte from the Colourpop x Disney Designer Collection.

Outfit Remeberer - metallic duo-chromatic baby pink and lavender, with a slight golden shift - This shade is absolutely stunning when applied to the lids and was definitely one of the reasons I decided to buy this palette! I love to mix this with the other lavender shade "Hello Fabulous", which creates such a beautiful effect. Photos can't even do this shade justice! Duo-chromatic shades can be difficult to find, but Colourpop's formula is amazing for this finish. I would love for them to one day make an entire palette with shades like this!

ROW 2 

Dear Diary - metallic chartreuse - This shade is yet another reason why I bought this palette! I never used such a bright shade like this before, but it is actually really fun to experiment with for a pop of color. It has an ultra metallic finish and feels so buttery smooth when applying it. It even has a slight golden flip to it to add more dimension. It pairs really well with the shade "Don't Freak", a matte lime green, but I tend to apply it on its own all over the lid. "Dear Diary" is definitely a star of this palette! 

Outie! - metallic duo-chromatic coral and gold - Once applied, it looks like sunshine in eyeshadow form! The duo-chromatic effect is so beautiful and my favorite to use during the summer. It reminds me of a better version of some of the metallic oranges/corals from the Yes Please! Palette.  

Uggghhh! - matte bubblegum pink - I love how soft and simple this pink is. It is an essential in this palette not only for the way it applies on its own, but also for the way it can be used to tone down some of the other super bright matte shades. 

Hello Fabulous - metallic duo-chromatic lavender with gold and silver flip - This shade reminds me so much of the stunning lilac from the Colourpop x My Little Pony palette that I have been using for years and was running out of. "Hello Fabulous" reminds me of everything I love about that shade, but even better. The formula is amazing, it is ultra metallic and has a gorgeous duo-chromatic shift that I love. Along with the other shades I mentioned, this was another reason I had to have this palette in my collection! I love wearing this on its own all over the lid or mixed in with "Outfit Remeberer". This is by far my most used shade and if you are a fan of lavender shades like I am, you'll love this one too!


Don't Freak - matte lime green - The formula is amazing for such a bright, almost neon, shade like this. In my experience, green matte shades can sometimes apply patchy or have little pigmentation, but "Don't Freak" applies to full opacity exactly the way it looks in the pan. As I said, it pairs so well with the metallic chartreuse shade called "Dear Diary" too. 

Soo Mature - matte coral with pink and silver sparkle - There are so many ways this shade can be used in this palette. It works really well with all of the peachy and golden tones, but I also love the way it compliments the lime and chartreuse shades too. It has a slight sparkle, but nothing too noticeable. 

Outfit Repeater - matte fuscia with pink and silver sparkle - What a bright and truly show-stopping shade! A vivid fuchsia like this is usually more daring than what I usually go for on a daily basis with my makeup, but it is such a stunning color that looks so beautiful when applied. It is ultra pigmented and blends out so well without looking patchy. "Outfit Repeater" and the next shade "Digital Bean" would both look especially beautiful on deeper skin tones!

Digital Bean - matte pinky violet - This shade is so vivid and compliments so many of the shadows in this palette. It reminds me of some of the matte shades in the Flower Beauty Sugar Rush Palette, but with much more intensity. Like I said, this shade and "Outfit Repeater" would make such a statement on deeper skin tones!

The Colourpop x Lizzie McGuire collection has become an essential in my makeup collection over the past year. The bright colors make such a statement and really pop on the lids. In my experience, it has been difficult to find high quality colorful shades like this that are pigmented and apply smoothly, but this Colourpop palette is exactly what I've been looking for! The duo-chromatic shades are the stars of this palette and make it such a stand-out release from the brand. 

The 2000s Disney Channel nostalgia is another aspect of this collection that I absolutely love and would definitely want to see Colourpop explore more in the future! They have been doing a lot of Disney collaborations over the past couple of years, but specifically Disney Channel branding has been an untapped market until now. I would personally love to see a Hannah Montana or Wizards of Waverly Place collection in the future, there is so much potential for those! 

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! What Disney collections do you hope to see next from Colourpop?


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