About Face is a makeup brand founded by Halsey, which is marketed as "multi-dimensional makeup for everyone, for everywhere, for every way" and all products are vegan, clean and cruelty-free. Celebrity makeup brands are so common now, but About Face has always stood out to me for their unique approach to beauty and self-expression. Halsey has also been one of my favorite artists for years, so I was excited to see her create a brand that feels like such a natural extension of her own distinctive artistic style that shines through in every aspect of About Face. There is such an emphasis on empowerment and experimentation, so there are many products and colorful shades that are so unique to About Face that I haven't seen from other brands before. 

There are so many products that caught my eye from their range, but for my first purchase I went with staple products that I knew I would use every day. I purchased the Fractal Glitter Dust, Light Lock Lip Gloss and the Light Lock Stick, along with a cosmetic bag. 

Fractal Glitter Dust // $16

About Face's Fractal Glitter Dust is a sparkly loose eyeshadow pigment with a multi-dimensional finish. I have the shade "Saint Ceremony", which is a duo-chromatic brown to purple shade. Inside of the jar, there is a sifter that can control and dispense the loose powder to shake it out. However, I actually find it is easier and quicker to remove the sifter each time to have access to the full container of pigment and just put the plastic piece back on once I'm done using it. Be very careful if you do it this way, though! Overall, it is actually such an easy product to use, which was surprising because I have never used a loose pigment like this before. All I do is swipe a little bit of the product on with my finger and blend it out. It works great as a one-and-done type of shadow or as a topper to any other shadows. 

It is also very long-wearing and has minimal fallout, I have worn it for 12+ hours many times and it still looked great at the end of the day. I don't even use a special glitter primer or anything to help the pigment adhere to the lid either, I only use my go-to Milani Eyeshadow Primer and that's it! It adds such a beautiful shimmer and so much dimension in a way that is just so different than any other regular eyeshadow I have ever used before. Out of everything in About Face's range, the Fractal Gitter Dusts are definitely very underrated - it is such a hidden gem of a product that I cannot recommend enough!

Light Lock Lip Gloss // $13

The formula of the Light Lock Lip Gloss is a mix between a standard lip gloss and a lip oil with moisturizing properties. It is infused with peppermint oil, lavender oil, and coconut oil that softens the lips and adds a nice glossy finish. I have the shade "It's Not You, It's Me", which is a translucent pink with multicolored sparkle. It also has such a smooth and light feel on the lips and absolutely no stickiness or gritty glittery texture. There are 17 shades on the website, some with sparkle and others with opaque finishes. 

Light Lock Stick // $16

The Light Lock Stick is a beautiful cream highlighter that gives such a natural glow to the cheeks. I have the shade "Greek Tragedy", which is a pale champagne. I have very fair skin, so often gold or champagne highlighters aren't flattering or can look too dark, but "Greek Tragedy" is a unlike any other I have used before. It actually is a universally flattering tone that I think would work so well for everyone. I apply it directly to my face and blend it out using my fingertips or a brush. It blends so easily and has such a naturally glowing finish. I haven't been able to achieve this natural of a glow with any other highlighter before, except for the Flower Beauty Strobe Palette, which has been a long-time favorite. 

The Light Lock Sticks come in six different shades - there are also powder and liquid highlighter formulas available from the brand too. I actually received this Light Lock Stick as a free gift with purchase, so definitely keep an eye out for any promotions like that on their website in the future!

Large Cosmetic Bag // $13

This is such a great bag to hold all of your makeup essentials and then some! It feels really durable and holds so much while still being compact. It is waterproof and easy to clean, which makes it great to use if you're traveling. I also love the holographic effect and the logo design on the front too! The About Face website always has new limited edition makeup bags like this in a range of colors and sizes, so I would highly recommend checking them out!

The three beauty products and cosmetic bag I reviewed today are all so high-quality and have become essentials in my makeup routine since I started using them. They have so many innovative products that come in a wide range of colorful shades that really sets them apart from any other brand, especially at this price-point. Overall, I have truly loved every product I tried from About Face so far and am already looking forward to trying more soon!

Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

-Melissa ♡

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