Mitch Rowland Live at Main Street Music in Philadelphia & Come June Album Signing!

I recently had the most incredible experience meeting Mitch Rowland and seeing him perform live at Main Street Music in Philadelphia! In celebration of the release of his debut album Come June, he's done a few acoustic performances and album signings across the country and in the UK, so I was very excited to hear he was performing at a record store near me. Main Street Music is located in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia, which is about an hour away from where I live. I have never been to Main Street Music before, but my dad and I had such a great experience and I look forward to going back again to shop and attend future events! 

Mitch is best known for his work with Harry Styles, who he has collaborated with as a co-writer and guitarist since 2016 and worked on all three of Harry's solo albums. He has also been the lead guitarist on all of his tours since then, as well. I was so happy to hear that Mitch was embarking on a solo career earlier this year and have been anticipating this album for months! He is such a talented musician who has played a part in the creation of so many of my favorite songs ever and some of the best concert experiences of my life. I never would have expected I would be able to meet him in person! 

My dad and I waited in line for about two hours before the show started. While we were waiting outside I also met Sarah Jones, who is Mitch's wife and drummer for Harry Styles! Sarah was so nice to talk to and even signed my copy of Come June, which she also worked on with Mitch. She is also such an incredibly talented musician, and it was so cool to meet her! 

Main Street Music is a very small store, so it tightly fit about 100 people for the show. It was such a surreal experience to see him perform in a place like that. Mitch and his bassist, Matt, performed a few of my favorite songs from the album. I have been non-stop listening to Come June since it was released and I'm always finding a new song from the album that I love. He is also such a talented songwriter; I love how introspective and honest he is in his writing. This was the perfect setting to hear him perform in. "Illusionist" was the first song they played, followed by "When It All Falls Down", lyrically those are two of the highlights of the album for me. "Take it as it comes, soon it won’t come anymore, businessmen are cracking up watching blood turn to gold, then it all comes down", is such a great lyric from "When It All Falls Down". 

"Bluebells" is another song that I absolutely love, it's the opening song of the album and one that I was really hoping they would play. It was written when he and his wife, Sarah, were about to have their first baby. He told Music Mayhem Magazine about inspiration behind the song, "We were stranded out in the English countryside for a little while and caught the bluebells blooming during that time. Seeing them is kind of like a wave goodbye to the cold. Quite a sight." I love the soft sound of his music, it feels very reminiscent of the singer-songwriter folk artists of Laurel Canyon in the 1970's.

After the acoustic performance, we were all able to meet him too which was so exciting! He also signed my copy of the album. I told him that I saw him perform with Harry four times at Madison Square Garden over the years and it is so cool to be able to see him perform in an intimate venue like this now too. He was so nice to talk to and genuinely so appreciative to everyone for coming.

My dad talked to him about the Martin Guitar he played during the performance, since we live close to their factory in PA. He said he's been there twice (highly recommend checking it out if you're ever in the area!) Before we left the three of us took a selfie together, I love that picture! 

I am looking forward to hearing more from Mitch with his future music releases. He is such a talented artist and Come June is a beautiful debut album. I hope to see him perform again soon! 

My dad and I both love collecting vinyl and my copy of Come June will undoubtedly always be one of the most treasured in my collection! I have a few other signed records and CDs in my music collection, but this is the very first that I actually got to get signed in person by the artist themselves! 

Getting to hear some of my favorite songs from Come June live in such a beautiful setting is an experience I will never forget! To forever have this album be attached to such incredible memories of that night is so special.🌳

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! Check out Come June here/linked above and be sure to support your local record stores!

All photos are my own!

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