Olivia Rodrigo & Noah Kahan // Stick Season & Lacy Live at the BBC // Record Store Day 2024 Exclusive 7" Vinyl

Happy Record Store Day! Olivia Rodrigo and Noah Kahan released a special edition 7" vinyl single featuring covers of each other's songs recorded at BBC Radio1 Live Lounge to celebrate the biggest day of the year for independent record stores. This pressing is an indie record store exclusive released in April 2024 for Record Store Day, which is an event held twice with dozens of new and exclusive music releases special for the occasion.

Olivia first recorded a cover of Noah's breakout hit "Stick Season" back in October 2023 and about a month later Noah responded with a cover of a song off of her sophomore album GUTS titled "Lacy". I first discovered Noah's music through Olivia's cover and I haven't been able to get enough of it ever since! It is such a beautiful song, he has such a strength for vivid storytelling through his music. It is a song that suits Olivia's strengths as an artist so well too. 

Out of all the songs that Noah could have covered in response, I love that he chose "Lacy". That is such an underrated gem in Olivia's discography and this rendition is really beautiful and offers a new outlook when sung from the male perspective. It was one of my favorites from GUTS, it is very understated and simple, with gorgeous vocals from Olivia on the original. 

This is pressed on a really beautiful light dusty lilac 7" vinyl and was limited to 15,000 copies. I was so excited to see that this was going to be released this year for Record Store Day, I'm happy I was able to grab a copy of it at my local record store! I was so excited to see this added onto the Record Store Day releases this year a little while after the initial list came out. 

The front and back features polaroids of the two of them together, which I love! Their handwriting on the polaroids adds such a special little touch to the design too. 

Olivia and Noah are two artists that are having such a major moment in music and pop culture right now and I am always looking forward to what they do next! I hope this is the first of many collaborations between the two of them, they complement each other so well! I still hope that we get an official studio version of "Stick Season" featuring both of them in the future! 

I have several copies of Olivia Rodrigo's music on vinyl and I have loved collecting a lot of the records she's released over the past few years. This is the first Noah Kahan vinyl in my collection, but I know it won't be the last! I have written about a few of my favorite Olivia records in my collection, including her Record Store Day release from last year, as well another cute 7" vinyl for one of my favorites songs called "...bad idea, right?" - I'd love for you to check those out and many more that are linked below! Many more are linked below!

My dad and I had such a fun time today at Record Store Day! It is a day we look forward to every year and we were able to get lots of great new records! I wrote about the other two vinyl I got at RSD this year, if you'd like to see some more recent additions to my collection - check it out here and more linked below!

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! Be sure to support your local record stores!

All photos are my own!

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